This week’s latest RORY COYLE SCANDAL places the spotlight more on EAMON MARTIN than it does on RORY “CLAPHAM FEELERS” COYLE.

Rory Coyle has been behaving like a male harlot from ancient Romebut, but, but, Eamon Martin, who should know a lot better, has been letting him do what he wants and has been paying out parishioners to fund the antics in Servite Fulham and FEELERS ClaphamAND FOR SEVEN YEARS.

Rory’s seven year itch has cost Armagh anything up to. £ 300,000.

But the BIG QUESTION that now needs answered is WHY has Amy humoured Rory?

1. Is it because Amy himself is gay – either actively so or non actively – so?

2. Has Rory or some other Armagh priest got the DIRT on Amy, leaving him unable to act?

3. Is Amy a sexually repressed man and getting proxy excitement and pleasure as he fantasises about Rory and others’ actions?

4. Is Amy “in love” with Rory?

There is SOMETHING stopping Eamon Martin doing the right thing, the moral thing, the pastoral thing, the tough love thing.

Has Rory burst out into tears (as is his wont) and flung himself on Amy’s feet, clasping the archepiscopal calves and begging prayers and forgiveness and another chance?

Has the hysteria of it all given Amy the vapours and had him reaching for his sal volatile as he struggled to cope with a room overflowing with the very wildest anabolics?

EAMON MARTIN is an utter disgrace!

EAMON MARTIN needs to resign or be sacked!


A chara,

Pat whether you publish this or not is entirely your decision. I am a PP in a parish outside Armagh, for almost 10 years, and a priest for almost 30 years. I am disgusted, and can speak for a significant number of my own, in the poor handling by Eamon Martin of a number of the younger priests in the diocese.

My (and numerous other’s) main concerns are Fr Rory Coyle, Fr Ryan McAleer and Fr Stephen Wilson. Fr Rory Coyle If what you are saying is accurate, and I don’t doubt you, Rory Coyle has picked up where he left off.

Was there not a canonical investigation into him? Perhaps I have said too much already.

Fr Ryan McAleer; there was certainly a canonical investigation into this man’s behaviour. I am at a loss as to how he carried on with his immature and sordid activities for so long. I thought the people of Dungannon were able to spot this sooner. It is a relatively well educated and affluent parish after all. I am not sure whether you know, but when Fr Ryan McAleer was asked to provide an account of his behaviour during the investigation, he declined to attend. His years as Advisor for Primary Education reflected a lazy attitude on his behalf. His work was done, but he was lacklustre at best. I think he is a very unstable and unhappy man, who has issues. We should pray for him. Ryan McAleer is still in ministry, as recently as November last year at home in Tyrone. Certainly his use of a gay dating site where he exposed himself deems him unfit in many’s

Fr Stephen Wilson

From the moment I heard of the upcoming ordination last year, I boiced my concern to brother priests. Certainly there were priests from at least counties Tyrone and Armagh who felt that EM made a huge mistake. What is concerning is the arrogance and blatant nature of the individual. I believe money was a factor also. I am also aware of incidents occuring in Leinster/Munster with this individual which would deem him completely null and void as a cleric.
Again Pat, I am not saying that as a priest I do not sin. We all do. But there is absolutely no place in ministry for disgrace. I would support a diocesan wide investigation.

Your brother in Christ