I make no apologies for my post because this evil man perverted the course of justice he allowed paedophile priests loose in our schools, our sacred churches, and our pilgrimages to sacred places such as Lourdes.

He is a pure heretic he was confirming young people consecrating their innocent precious bodies’ minds and spirits to the divine Holy Spirit, making them temples of the Holy Spirit like the holy grail. He choose young men for the priesthood he told us nothing but lies pure and utter tripe because behind this evil bishops sleekit smile it was harbouring a deep dark dreadful secret it was actually turning a blind eye to the desecration and total destruction of young childrens and young mens bodies minds and their spirits.

He sat back on its Laurels and ignored the screaming of young people screaming in pain as former priest Jim Donaghy raped and
pillaged their wee bodies destroyed their minds and crucified their spirits. He ignored those who told the truth about Donaghy escapades giving Donaghy the youth team in Lourdes pilgrimage where Donaghy would pick his prey, especially young men who thought they had a vocation to the priest hood.

People reading this will be shocked to learn this especially as I am a true Roman Catholic and follow the laws of holy mother church to the core but the fact this so called ’father’ of our church allowed a known paedo run amuck in our diocese and did nothing about it sickens me to my very soul.

He allowed young men to be so terrified of Donaghy that they actually contemplated taking their own lives. Their poor minds where so destroyed that they had no one to turn to or listen to their pleas for mercy the fact they fell on the ears of this soul destroying hypocrite he actually allowed this to go on for many many years.

He even got a ‘friend’ of his who is a judge to try and prevert the course of justice she actually committed purjury for him but got away with it.

I’m calling on all my friends, whatever their religion to write to the diocese of Down and Connor this bishop needs held accountable for his actions he not only allowed Donaghy to abuse but Frs Curran. Steele. Smith and God only knows how many more.

We, as Roman Catholics, owe to our good priests and religious not to be tainted with the same brush as this wolf in sheeps clothing.
We need to take a stand for justice for right for truth we owe it to the many many victims of child abuse of all the diocese in our provinces.

This bishop’s funeral is being planned. He will be given a full Roman Catholic funeral with all the trimmings and will be buried in St. Peter’s cathedral Belfast, where thousands of good holy people pray, and this evil man will be placed where good honest people knelt and prayed .

This is an abomination to sacred holy people it’s a pure disgrace to our families who built St. Peter’s cathedral.

This man deserves to be buried privately and in disgrace for the disgrace he caused to our young people young men and children and young girls he allowed the physical mental sexual abuse of God knows how many but this is the end.

I’m asking people to write to the diocese of Down and Connor to prevent former bishop paddy Walsh the pompous funeral, for in truth he deserves no such honour of our church we need to show support for the victims to the people who this man allowed another man to destroy we owe them okur voice we need the victims of Walsh and Donaghy to know that we have them.

While Walsh has never been convicted of what he did, he was worse than the perpetrator of the heinous crimes he sat back and did nothing and allowed it to happen.

We need to use our voices for the victims.




I have no feelings about “Fr Filth” James Donaghy anymore. He is irrelevant to my life. Me, James, Victim B and the seven year old boy he abused put Donaghy behind bars and on the sex offenders register for the rest of his life.

But Loughran and Walsh, with that evil woman and evil man, I am angry as hell.

When I met with Walsh, on April 1st and later on October 14th, 2003, I knew he was lying through his teeth but I could do nothing about it.

Now, I know for an absolute FACT that Walsh had prior knowledge of the danger Donaghy posed to young lads.

This lying and wicked old rat is planning on being buried in St Peter’s Cathedral, Belfast, when he dies. I cannot be silent about that. That’s the Church where I was ordained a priest on June 25th, 1989.

The permanent presence in that sacred space, of this scumbag’s carcass, will desecrate this holy place. I have to protest against this and I know I speak for many people.

Walsh should be buried elsewhere. He is entitled to a funeral Mass but it should be low key. Any “celebration” of this man will add insult to the injuries myself and Donaghy’s other victims have already suffered.

Also, doubtless, one of the chief mourners at his funeral will be the wicked and conniving former crown court judge, Gemma Loughran.

Loughran deliberately concealed her close friendship with Walsh from a court of law – a clear conflict of interest.

Furthermore, she conspired to pervert the course of justice, and influence the outcome of a criminal trial, in the favour of a later convicted rapist and abuser, of boys and young men.

Both Loughran and Walsh, took the side of Donaghy against us, Donaghy’s victims. This is inexcusable and I cannot, and will not, let the matter rest.

Please help me expose this evil and further injustice. Both these two are deeply ingrained narcissists. Their arrogance and pride is truly colossal.

All his life, Walsh treated people with utter contempt and he always “got his way”. He should be stopped from getting his way over what happens when he leaves this world.

The man is so utterly delusional, and consumed by his own pride and folly, that he fails to see that the whereabouts of his grave will be the very least of his problems, when he stands before Jesus Christ for judgement.


I can fully understand the raw depth of this lady’s anger.

I had dealings with PADDY WALSH for over 20 years.

Paddy was a sadist. I even heard he is currently making life difficult for the nurses, where he lives at 91 in a home.

As the principal and president of St Malachy’s College, Belfast, his sadism and violence were on display every day in his dealings with the schoolboys.

He covered much sexual abuse.


I personally was involved in helping one of the very damaged victims of JAMES DONAGHY – “VICTIM B.”

In the face of Walsh’s opposition and manipulation, it took us years to get justice and a prosecution.


Should deceased paedophile priests and cover-up bishops get high-profile funerals?

The answer must be NO.

Bishops and priests’ funerals generally cast the priest or bishop in a good light and can involve quite a degree of canonization.

No paedophile priest or cover-up bishop should ever be lionised during his funeral.

Nor should his horrific failings be ignored.

And no such priest or bishop should be buried in a prominent place in a church graveyard or cathedral crypt.

For instance, EAMON CASEY should never have been interred in Galway Cathedral Crypt after what he did to Annie Murphy and sexually abusing his niece.

Where should we put Paddy Walsh’s remains?

It’s tempting to think of punishing him post mortem.