10th April 2023​

Mrs Orme-Paul​

Hill Dickinson​

Dear Mrs Orme – Paul,​



My immediate reaction when first reading your letter was to think that it was an April Fool prank.​

I have been receiving reports about your client for twenty years now. Among the clergy of these islands, he is regarded as one of the most promiscuous homosexual seminarian / priest predators in captivity.​

I regard him as a very serious danger to men / vulnerable men in the 18 to 40 age group.​

He has proven this by his activities in at least three seminaries and in the short number of years he has been ordained.​

One of his most recent victims was a young police officer from Reading whom he invited to the presbytery for dinner when the parish priest was away overnight and having plied the young officer with wine attempted to sexually seduce him.​

Your client’s parish priest in Reading regularly complained that instead of being in the confessional on Saturdays, you client spent the days in Reading pubs.​

Some years ago, when your client returned, inebriated, from a gay bar with three other young men, he fell out of an upper storey window.​

A more recent victim was a young heterosexual barman who, using a credit card, shared drugs with your client.​

You client is so dangerous to young men that it an enormous matter of public interest and as the author of a widely read Catholic blog (2.6 million views in 2022) it is my moral and journalistic duty to warn the public, especially the Catholic public, of this great danger.​

In fact, the two victims mentioned above approached me precisely because they had read my blog and had experienced your client in most negative circumstances.​

I must defer to you in legal matters, but I’m afraid your understanding of my journalism is greatly deficient.​

For eleven years I worked for the newspaper with the largest circulation in the UK – The News of the World – as a columnist, story seeker and journalist.​

Previously, I worked as a journalist with the Sunday News of Belfast and the Big Issues of Dublin.​

I have authored three books, written countless articles, and contributed hundreds of hours to radio and TV outlets.​

A brief look at my YouTube channel will inform you.​

As a longstanding journalist it is my civic and ethical duty to inform the public about your client and the danger he represents. This is a major matter I would stress with the ICO in the event of any complaint being lodged.​

I am very perplexed that someone like yourself is involved in helping the Roman Catholic Church to continue to cover up scandal and wrongdoing. However, you are a lawyer.

I doubt very much if you are representing John Paul Lyttle pro bono. And John Paul himself does not have the kind of money you charge. So, obviously, he is being sponsored by either the Roman Catholic Church or a wealthy friend.​

I’m saddened to think that some organisation or individual is willing to attempt to purchase your client a hiding place away from public accountability for his actions – and to leave him free to continue to live as a danger to vulnerable men.​


if your client has recently had a “Dismas” or Road to Damascus conversion and seeks to change his life or embark on a new journey of some kind, I would not be unsympathetic to assisting him by removing some material that might prevent him doing so. But I would need to be reassured that this was the case.​

After all, despite your ignorant salutation, I am a Christian. a priest and a bishop, and am wholly convinced that all of us, as sinners, deserve a second chance – once we are truly repentant.​

This is something I would do with a good heart and because of my faith – and not because you or your client were threatening me in anyway.​

I do not react well to threats and if you want to persist in that manner, I will give you and your client the fight you seek!​

So, if your client wishes to proceed in this Christian, pastoral and Prodigal Son fashion, you will find me a most kindly fellow traveller.​

It is my policy to publish all solicitors’ letters and my reply to them on my blog – and that will happen in this case too.​

However, if your client wants to take the conciliatory route as I outline above, I will not publish such material.​

As a priest of 47 years and a bishop of 25 years, I am very aware of the contrast between the external and internal fora.​

Over to you….​

(Bishop) Pat Buckley