Why, after all this time and coverage, has JPL sent me a solicitors letter?

And why did that letter not challenge the truths I have published about him – but instead seek to scare me with the ICO and data matters?

What enterprise is  JPL about to embark on that he felt the need to have all the information about him removed from the Internet and the public forum?

Is Egan seeking to appoint him to a new position?


Is JPL about to apply for an advertised position like a well-paid prison or hospital chaplaincy funded by the state?

Is he seeking a position in a state or private school or in a university?

Is he thinking of applying for a job as a chaplain to a male young offenders centre or a prison?

Is he seeking work in some corner of the care industry – children, vulnerable adults, or those with mental health challenges?

Is Egan going to let him go to a beautiful diocese in sunny California or to some other foreign spot?

Or is JPL thinking of entering a laid-back, amoral, and  Liberal religious order?

The author of this blog smells a rat – a great big rat.

And, if he pulls off such a stunt, and I learn of it, I will, with haste, inform those in that “new placeof his past.


It is possible, but in my view, unlikely, that JPL wants to change his ways and live differently in the future.

As a Christian, priest, and bishop, I must allow for this scenario and not be too cynical about this possibility.

At the same time, I must be intelligent and realistic about it – especially after other priests and seminarians have pulled the wool over my eyes and pretended to change but did not.

Currently, I do not believe that JPL is suitable to the priesthood – as he clearly and continually crosses very serious boundaries.

He has never acknowledged and apologised for his behaviour – a very bad sign.

I know people who found JPL very likeable and are sad about where he is.

All in all, it’s a sad case – and very badly managed by Egan of Portsmouth.



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