“Dear Bishop Buckley,

I’m afraid we clergy in Portsmouth have suffered yet another blow to our trust in the bishop following the revelation that he has been raiding another fund, set up put of goodwill abd in good faith to help those in need in our diocese.

Having been told to back away from the PRIEST RETIREMENT FUND, a fund which exists to help, support, house and to take care of sick and elderly priests, Egan has now raided the SCHOOLS BUILDING FUND.

We are still unsure if it was Rome who told Egan to leave the PRF alone or the Charity Commussionrts itself. Either way, Egan has backed down.

I enclose a letter from a former VICAR GENERAL of the diocese, who was establishing the SCHOOLS BUILDING FUND, in the first place, who explains what Egan and hus cunning advisors are up to.

It it wasn’t for the whistle-blowers in exposing both disgraceful attempts to hack the PRF and also this Monsignor who exposed the underhanded ways of taking money donated to the SBF (donated by some of the poorest areas of the diocese and by parishes struggling financially as ot is by the way) we would be none the wiser, which begs the question: “what else is going on that we don’t.know about YET”.


There is obviously great concern among the priests of Portsmouth over the financial affairs of their diocese.

And many of them will have scrimped and scraped over the years.

Remember, English priests have never been as well paid as Irish priests.

When I started in Cardiff in 1976, my pay was £ 5 a week and my lodgings.

And, these are men who have given up to 50 and 60 years of their lives to the diocese.

Now, they see all their sacrifices being mocked by a spendthrift bishop and his £100,000 a year COO.

Not nice! Not nice at all!


Who is the “Eamon”?

Eamon Martin?

The communication is very cryptic.

Obviously, from a cleric.

I think Gallagher, Ledwith, and Lavery were all Maynooth profs.

What are they supposed to have done to our Amy?