Dear Fr. Basil,

An individual with legitimate and ongoing concerns about Silverstream Priory forwarded the most recent communication from the Priory. In light of the negative comments made about yours truly in the Silverstream accounts; you must be delighted that the fundraising went so well. I really am going to have to up my game!

Nevertheless, I am concerned about the lack of transparency underpinning the emergency appeal. I am not saying it has caused me to lose any sleep but it has animated my thoughts from time-to-time.

What was the “temporal crisis” referenced within your begging e-mail? You wrote “we are currently facing a serious monetary shortfall and must humbly ask your assistance”. It must have been pretty urgent. Because your shameless begging smacks of desperation.

What were the “several large expenditures coming up in April”? Could it be the case that Silverstream Priory has been sued for the known misconduct of its founding superior, Fr. Mark Daniel Kirby? Is the Priory now using the precious alms of the people of God to pay lawyer’s fees and to reach a financial settlement with the claimant(s)? Of course, I have no proof that Silverstream is paying lawyers; however, I have a nose for these things, and I bet the emergency fundraising appeal was predicated upon the need to cover some form of significant legal expenditure.

May I ask — was the community in danger of insolvency? Were the finances of the committee so precarious it needed emergency financial support from my brother bishop, Thomas Deenihan? Bishop Tom has a heart of gold coming from Cork so I am sure he would have been more than generous to the plight of the community.

Also, I am curious did the community alert the Dublin-based Charities Regulatory Authority about its perilous finances? So many questions and so few answers!

I am told that Elijah Carroll was responsible for the finances of the monastery. Is this true? If so, did his addiction to gay pornography lead him to make unwise and imprudent financial decisions? It is, of course, of interest that there is no sign of Elijah Carroll in the photograph taken on the Hill of Slane. Has he taken a leave of absence from monastic life, or is it the case he is the individual behind the camera?

Conspicuous also by their absence are the two founding monks of Silverstream Priory; the mythical and mystical Mark Kirby, and the liturgically-minded Benedict Andersen. Has Jesus spoke from the tabernacle and told Mark Kirby to remain with the nuns in Tegelen? Is Mark Kirby the Scarlet Pimpernel of Silverstream? Can you share with the readers of my blog the location of Fr. Andersen? I am told he is staying in London. Is this true?

A little bird, a priest of the Diocese of Meath, tells me that you, Fr. Basil were only appointed as superior for one year. Is this true? Are you going to remain the superior of Silverstream Priory for another year? If not — are you going to return to your monastery in France?

Who will be the next superior of Silverstream Priory? Will it be Fr. Hildebrand Houser, the protégé of Cardinal Burke? Is it now his turn to have a go at “playing” superior? Will he celebrate the Novus Ordo in English in obedience to the supreme Pontiff, Pope Francis?

Can you enlighten my readers and confirm if Fr. Houser is a priest of the Diocese of Meath? Or is it the case that Fr. Houser remains a priest of the Archdiocese of St. Louis? Is Fr. Kirby still a priest of the Diocese of Meath? If so, Bishop Tom could be in difficulty because Mark Kirby has been a very naughty boy and vicarious liability for the actions of recidivist clerics is very expensive.

Easter blessings.

+ Pat

Cc: Bishop Thomas Deenihan.