“As part of the Palestrina Choir 120 celebrations, what a wonderful mini-tour to Cork City, Cobh and Mount Melleray Abbey.

One very special and key aspect to this trip was that the choir was staying and singing at Mount Melleray, the Cistercian Monastery in County Waterford. The Boys and Gentlemen of the choir were made so welcome and were wonderfully hosted by Fr Richard, Br Seamus and Fr Denis Luke. They had the great honour of joining with the monks in singing at Compline and of being able to sing at Mass on Sunday morning conducted by Pierce. Fr Richard, a musician himself, was able to explain and introduce the boys to the office of Compline.”


I was shocked to see the Palestrina Choir from Dublin’s Pro Cathedral not only visit Mount Melleray but actually stay over!

The former Abbot, Richard Purcell, pictured with the boys, was forced to resign after featuring on this blog as homosexually active.

I know he said he resigned for “personal reasons,but he would say that, wouldn’t he?

And after that he disappeared for a year.

And, at the same time, the Cistercian Abbot General resigned for health reasons.

That was all a cover-up.

Something is VERY WRONG with the Irish Cistercians, especially in Melleray and Roscrea.

These monasteries are TOTALLY UNSUITABLE for boys and young men.


Purcell is being protected, and there is a massive attempt to rehabilitate him.


1. Because the Irish bishops and senior clergy and religious are determined not to allow this blog to bring him or any other prominent or well placed personage down.

2. Because Purcell knows where all the scandalous bodies are buried. If Purcell goes down, he will bring others with him.

And I can tell you that there are senior clerics out there in the Irish Church who have major skeletons in their cupboards – and Purcell and others have the dirt on them.

Just look at what came out about the late bishop of Ossory, Seamus Freeman, who prowled around the Dublin gay sauna, the Boilerhouse, naked and looking for a “bottom” to penetrate.