Pat I’m alarmed that no one has commented on the grave matter of appointments held by this enclosed monk.

  1. Chair of the Congregation of Religious of Ireland / Missionary Union charity for victims of clerical abuse. They say the provision of counselling is a “positive” church response. But, is there no religious who is more qualified; experienced to undertake this role? Is there no active religious in Ireland, who over the last 20 years, has gained insight, sensitivity, some understanding of the pain and lies endured by survivors than Abbot Purcell? Or is it part of a bigger game plan?
  2. As an enclosed religious, what is his contribution to the Bishop’ Conference Committee on liturgy? He is musical! So what? Trips back and forth to Maynooth, overnights, expenses. Why did Amy appoint hi,? Or is it part of a bigger game.
  1. Having been publicly attested and confirmed as lector and acolyte, Mr. Wilson has moved towards candidacy for ordination as deacon – based on “maturity of purpose” and to have the “necessary qualifications”.
  2. The Knights of Malta are reeling from the conviction of one of their ambulance corps for the most serious sexual assaults on younger corps members in Kildare late last year. This was all hushed up whilst the Knights maintain a distinct separation from the ambulance corps they are the governing body of the corps and responsible for safeguarding.
  3. There are a number of professional men in the order – and this includes their chaplains – who make use of the prestige, ceremonial, dressing up, in order to invite young men into the knightly ways.
  4. Perhaps Amy should enquire with regard to this candidate who aspires to be a caveleiri and to serve the Lord, the sick and the poor?

I informed you a long time ago that the next archbishop of Dublin would be Bishop Farrell. Unfortunately there was a mix up at the terna stage at the Congregation of Bishops meeting due to Covid and English speakers being unable to travel. The wrong Bishop Farrell’s file was put on the top of the pile. However, it is what it is. Carmelengo Cardinal Farrell is not happy. But he remains a true son of Dublin and as such will exercise his offices and note in due course – Amy – there is not and will not be any reason for you to purchase scarlet stockings. Cardinal Farrell is very annoyed indeed, after all favours for the family is what cardinals are for!

  1. A NOTE TO THE BISHOP ELECT Please ensure at your reception Mass in the Pro-Cathedral, Holy Communion is distributed by clerics and ministers of the Eucharist. Arthur Roche went scarlet in the face when he read what was written about the last ordination of a bishop in Armagh – when all the bishops and priests sat on their bums throught Communion. Amy, there is no need to send for catalogs – there will be no scarlet watered silk for you.
  1. Pat, you disagree with me regarding Coddle’s next career move. Despite the demise of his Roman patron Cardinal Sodano, he really is pinning his last hopes red and gold straws on the Dicastery for Communications of which he is one of the few non members of the sacred college. Look at the diocesan website; before he is deleted, at all those speeches and sermons given worldwide to men and women of great importance and influence and now the church can do better. IF YOU STILL DOUBT ME There is a photo of the dicastery within the hall of audiences in the Vatican. Coddle cuddles up in the chair on the right of Bergelio. Do not be fooled by this Machievellian cleric.
  2. Coddle ensured that following Enda Kenny’s false outrage and rant in Dail Eireann, and indignant closing of the Irish Embassy to the Holy See; Enda and family entourage were received in a private audience.
  3. Coddle has times his departure very, very well. The Mother and Baby Home report has exploded and even Coddle cannot charm the editors on that one!

Father Bruno



Some people think that after the Maynooth Gay Sex Scandal, the Kildorery Altar Sex Scandal, etc, that they have heard the worst of it.

Don’t kid yourselves, please.

The worst is still to come.

I’m already working on some cases.

Nearly every week now I have new people getting in touch with me – people who are the victims of sex crimes and behaviours by priests in different Irish diocese.

It can take the victim / survivor of a sex crime by a priest, a monk or a seminarian, many months and even a few years to come forward.

Such people have many feats:

1. The fear of admitting that one was a victim.

2. The fear of not being believed.

3. The fear of public disgrace.

4. The fear of hurting or being rejected by family, friends and local community.

5. The fear of the Catholic Church, it’s powerful bishops and priests and it’s limitless money and lawyers.

6. The fear of having the tables turned on you and ending up looking like the guilty one.

It takes great courage and strength for a victim to step forward and take a stand.

But such people need to remember that THE TRUTH IS ALWAYS THE TRUTH and that in the end THE TRUTH WILL WIN OUT.


1. Never approach the church or a bishop as your first port of call.

You will be giving them too much warning and they will use that time to build a defence for the priest and build a case against you as a trouble maker, mentally unhinged, a sore loser, a money chaser.

2. Let your first port of call be to the police to make a formal complaint and a formal statement.

3. Bring a trusted non-church person with you to the police station as moral support.

4. Next go to a solicitor and appoint him / her to look after ALL your legal interests.

5. Make sure the solicitor has no church or clerical connections.

6. Preferably appoint a solicitor with a reputation for taking cases against the Catholic Church.

7. Make sure the first time a bishop hears about the crime is when a neighbouring priest telephones the bishop to tell him the priest has been arrested – it’s called the element of surprise.

8. Never trust a Catholic Church safeguarding person or any counsellor / therapist recommended by them. Always find a counsellor / therapist with no church or clerical connections.

9. Take all the love, help and support you can get your hands on.

10. Sue the Church for every penny you can out of them even if you end up giving the money away.

11. Always remember that the CHURCH, and PRIESTS etc are not God. In fact they are the antithesis of God.

12. If you’re angry with God don’t worry. Let God “have it” with all you’re strength. He is a Big Fella. He can handle criticism.

13. Always remember that your FUTURE will be everything your PAST was not.



Survivors and victims were justifiably angry with the Taoiseach Me – Hole Martin blaming “society” for the Mother and Baby Homes holocaust.

Society doesn’t just come into existence overnight and suddenly.

Society is created.

The Irish Society that existed from 1921 until the late 1970s – early 1980s was created by one major force – THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH.

Before partition 12% of the Irish population was “protestant”.

After partition that quickly shrunk to 3 %. (However, for the sake of accuracy we must say that the 3% owned 28% of the wealth of the country.

How could any protestant feel at home in a country where he had to sign over all his children to the Roman Catholic Church?

So, with the RCC in control of the vast majority of the 97% the project was to create and maintain a Confessional Catholic State.

In the state the Constitution and laws enshrined the teachings and dogmas of the RCC.

The 1937 Constitution had the paw marks on it, not only of John Charles McQuaid but of several prominent Jesuit and Holy Ghost priests. De Valera was a past pupil and later a teacher at the Holy Ghost Blackrock College.

The led to things like the Taoiseach at the time of the Mother and Child dispute in the 1950s siding with Archbishop Mc Quaid and against the health minister Dr Noel Brown and saying: “I am a Catholic first and a politician second”.

Archbishop McQuaid carpeted the minister for health in archbishop’s house and basically had the power to sack a minister.

As far as McQuaid and the Hierarchy at the time were concerned anything to do with health, reproduction and the care of mothers and babies was the business of the RCC and none of the business of the elected government.

In fact, the “Purple Parliament” of Maynooth could over-rule the Dail in Kildare Street in Dublin.

As far as the RCC was concerned schools, homes and hospitals were theirs.

The only function the Irish government had to fulfil was to pay the RCC for running them.

The RCC, its hierarchy and its religious orders are 100% responsible for the holocausts and atrocities committed in the Mother and Baby Homes.

The politicians, the Garda, the judiciary, the legal and medical professions were full of obedient Catholics obeying the priests and bishops.

Parents and grandparents had been brainwashed into believing everything the RCC told them and so co-operated in the torture of their daughters and grandchildren.

FIANNA FAIL was really the political wing of the RCC.

The GAA was the RCC designated sport controllers.’

Other forces shaped Irish society – especially the 800 year old occupation of the country by the British.

And in that the Irish Catholic Bishops did their best to keep London happy by condemning Republicans and taking British money for their projects and indeed for their national seminary at Maynooth.

Here and there brave priests took the side of the people but those priests were harassed by their bishops.

THE IRISH TAX-PAYER should not now have to pay for the RCC concentrations camps and for the holocausts and atrocities that took place in them.

The RCC should be forced to PAY THE WHOLE BILL.

If they do it willingly, so be it.

But if they will not bring in urgent legislation to freeze every RCC asset in the country – to be sold off to pay the whole bill.

And if there are any decrepit old priests, brothers or nuns left living who were involved in the atrocities, they should be hunted down like the Nazis that fled Germany were and be brought back for face a Nuremberg like trial in Dublin.

The RCC was Ireland’s “Third Reich”.

The mother and baby homes and Magdalen laundries were Ireland’s gulags.

The hierarchy, clergy and religious were Ireland’s SS.

Let Me Hole Martin & Co stop talking bullshit.

They must not be allowed to spend Irish tax-payers money paying for the atrocities that were visited on hundreds of thousands of Irish girls and babies by the Brides and Grooms of Christ.  





We know that there was the involvement of a turn a blind eye population, government, police, medics, social workers etc.

BUT only the bishops, priests, nuns and “Christian” Brothers did what they did IN THE NAME OF GOD and as GOD’S REPRESENTATIVES ON EARTH!!!

And that means that the CRIMES of these bishops, priests, nuns and Christian Brothers were also SACRILIGIES and BLASPHEMIES.




In the Northern Ireland Troubles from 1969 to 1999, 3,500 were killed and 46,000 injured.

The mother and baby home enquiry tells us that there were 113,000 victims – more than twice as many victims of the Troubles.

So the Roman Catholic Church in it’s mother and baby homes created more than twice the victims of the Troubles.

The IRA was a proscribed and illegal organisation for it’s activities.

Is there any real reason why the Roman Catholic Church should not be a proscribed organisation in Ireland?

When illegal criminal gangs are caught the government and police seize their assets as “proceeds of crime”.

Many of the very valuable Roman Catholic properties we see, their vast lands and their million euro bank accounts are the “proceeds of crimes committed in mother and baby homes”.

Why is the criminal assets bureau not seizing these properties, lands and bank accounts?

The reason is this.

In our society there are two types of criminals.

1. Illegal criminals we see processed by the police and courts.

2. Legal criminals – like the Catholic Church, banks etc.

The “Establishment” – politicians, judges, lawyers, medics, the Garda etc will not take on bishops, priests, nuns and brothers.

They are all part of the “Establishment” together.

The say God’s justice is good – but is awfully slow.

It’s up to the Irish People to administer justice to the Roman Catholic Church and representatives and operative.

Of course this must be done absolutely peacefully and within the law.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Never enter a building owned or run by the RCC.

2. Never contribute as much as a penny to the RCC or any of it’s associated organisations.

3. Tell every bishop, priest, nun and brother you meet that they personally are guilty of heinous crimes against the mothers, children and people of Ireland as long as they remain associated with the RCC.

“For Christians to be linked in association with ministries who do not preach the gospel of Christ is to incur moral guilt”. (Charles Haddon).




The seminarian who wrote that letter to me 3 years has been in touch again.

Apparently new bishop of Cork, Fintan Gavin is set to ordain Ronan Sheehan soon?


Gavin’s first ordination.

Monday, 17 July 2017


The following letter arrived this weekend from a Maynooth seminarian:

“Dear Bishop Pat,

It has taken me a while to put pen to paper to you. I have put it off for so long.

I am a former seminarian in Maynooth. I decided to take time out of Maynooth to reflect. 

I decided to withdraw from seminary as I was unhappy with the place – not so much with my formators – but the student/seminarian group. 

When the story broke last Summer about Maynooth I was not one bit surprised. My time away from Maynooth has been good for me as I was offered a good job with xxxxxxxxxxxx which gives me the time to travel the country.

Since Easter I have been working in the xxxxxxxxx area which means I can get home every weekend. 

The people I meet in my current job are very nice to deal with – as was not the case in Maynooth. 

I did not like the Cork seminarians in Maynooth. They were very immature and bitchy. A friend recently attended two Cork ordinations. 

Evin O’Brien

The first was in Cork and Ross for Rev Evin O’Brien. It was certainly not a joyous occasion – lots of LATIN. When Evin started in Maynooth he was a nice, normal, ordinary guy but then was taken in by the old style church and he got a liking for the latin. I wonder does he really understand latin as he is not the brightest guy on the planet. I wish him well but feel sorry for the people he will minister to as he lacks personality.



The second ordination was for Rev John Magner. It was totally different – uplifting, God filled occasion. At that ordination the seminarians dressed in choral dress and all received Holy Communion on the tongue. They had that look of arrogance. 

Newly ordained Evin O’Brien from Cork and Ross did not concelebrate but sat with soutane and lace surplice and stole on his arm. Why Maynooth allowed this guy to be ordained and let behave in this manner, one wonders.

There were interesting characters at the ordination you often refer to in your blog. One such person is Ronan Sheehan. You, Pat, never developed any story on him. He is so far up his arse with his own importance.


Why he is still in Maynooth, one wonders. He always got to do his own thing, got cosy numbers. I heard he is off to Gay Paris for the summer to learn French. His time in Paris will be “interesting”. I know you have lots of material on him because he is not liked by anyone. He is the type to bring everyone down with him, if he was asked to go. The Dublin deacon is a saint in comparison!


Last year you wrote about Father Thomas Deenihan who is the Cork priest who is working in the CPS MA in Maynooth as well as holding down his powerful post in the diocesan office in Cork. I got to know him well through his comings and goings in Maynooth. He was friends with some of the seminarians.


You wrote last Summer about Kevin McElroy. When the story broke that he was in Cork Kevin fled back to Down and Connor and his priest “friends” washed their hands of their good-looking, dashing friend.

People like Ronan Sheehan and Kevin McElroy have stories to tell about seminarians and priests. They will talk if they are axed.

Anyway, I better finish and get back to my job – but please do not reveal who is the writer of this letter.

You can do what you want with it.

I’m sure there are others that will help you get these stories off the ground. 


If a few more at Maynooth go then our Church in Ireland will be a lot better off with fewer good ones.

Sincerely yours,



Dear Xxxxxxx,

Thank you for your letter to me. I have changed parts of your letter to protect your identity. 

I have also lfet out some of the material you shared with me – but you know that this was very informative. I have it filed. It fills in some blanks in the Maynooth story. 

I am happy for you that you feel happier away from Gaynooth and that you have a job you enjoy.

God is still guiding you and He has a plan for you and your life that nothing will disrupt. Keep listening to him for guidance.

The MAYNOOTH PROBLEM has not been solved and is a continuing abscess on the Body of Christ.

It must be lanced once and for all.

The Irish Bishops – in cowardice – have decided to try tweak the situation. 

You do not put ointment or plasters on cancer. It needs RADICAL SURGERY.

That will eventually happen – and it will be helped by people like yourself coming forward and giving information.

I will be sending your letter – without identifying you – to my contacts in Rome. 

I hope to hear from you again.

God bless,




Dear Pat,
> Stephen Wilson and Ronan Sheehan are all part of an ongoing homosexual network in Maynooth.
> Stephen Wilson needs removed immediately as does Ronan Sheehan. Ronan was involved with another Armagh seminarian in 2016. It seems he had sense and left and has since become a journalist. Ronan still remains. They both got Conán McGonagle kicked out and removed.

John Acton, Galway, also a friend
> Blessings,


The seminarian who wrote in 2017 wrote again yesterday to say that Fintan Gavin was soon to ordain Ronan Sheehan.

It seems to be that there is LEFT OVER BUSINESS from the Maynooth 2016/2017 scandal.

And that business seems to include Stephen Wilson of Armagh and Ronan Sheehan of Cork.

It all stems from the time Derry seminarian claimed to have caught two other seminarians in bed together.

Sadly, the whistle blower Conal was expelled and the other two retained.

I have sent all details to Fintan Gavin in Cork.

It will be interesting to see how he handles everything.



The Cover Upper and the Cover Upper Emeritus.

An email I sent to Any Martin at 2.30 pm on Sunday about Stephen Wilson, has unsurprisingly, been ignored.

Amy has the ignorant habit of ignoring and even refusing to acknowledge letters and emails.

When she was brought up in Derry did her mamny not tell that doing things like that is sheet bad manners?

I, of course, understand her contempt for me.

It is equaled if not exceeded by my contempt for her.

But I genuinely wanted to give her the opportunity to address the Wilson problem internally. That would be best for himself, his church and Mr. Wilson.

But if looks as if there will have to be an external solution.

That’s fine.

As usual, the Wilson problem revolves around the homosexual area.

Abercrombie Wilson

There are a number of serious issues involved – that may involve senior clergy and great public scandal.

Knights of Malta Wilson

Amy has already received serious reports about these matters.

In fact, it’s so serious people in Rome are interested and asking questions.

I would ask people to send us information so we can process this matter.

If Amy deals with the matter properly, we will back off.



EAMON MARTIN has received quite a number of serious communications about his seminarian, Stephen Wilson – a native of Coalisland, Co Tyrone – and his suitability for the priesthood.

Stephen Wilson has been very controversial and much discussed in clerical and Maynooth circles for several years now.

Had Covid 19 not intervened it seems that Mr. Wilson would have at least been ordained a a deacon by now.

That ordination has not happened yet, thankfully.

I’m told that Eamon Martin himself has concerns about such an ordination but that he is under serious pressure from the Maynooth faction, to ordain?

And Eamon is a weak man – not good at standing up to pressure.

Mr. Wilson is a former airline cabin crew employee.

I would have a huge preference for allowing Eamon Martin to sort this out directly and privately.

I do not really want to deal with such a complicated and potentially horrible case on the blog if it can be avoided.


Archbishop Alberto Taveira Corrêa of Belém, an archdiocese with more than 2 million residents in the Amazon region in Brazil, faces criminal and ecclesial investigations after being accused of sexual harassment and abuse by four former seminarians.

The accusations were disclosed by the Brazilian edition of the Spanish newspaper El País at the end of December and became a high-profile scandal on January 3, when TV Globo’s weekly news show Fantástico aired a report on the story.

The names of the former seminarians have not been revealed. All of them studied at the Saint Pius X seminary in Ananindeua, in Belém’s metropolitan area, and were between 15 and 20 years old when the alleged abuse happened.

According to the alleged victims, Corrêa usually held in-person meetings with seminarians in his residence, so they didn’t suspect anything when they were invited by him.

One of them, identified as B. in El País’s story, used to frequent Corrêa’s house for spiritual guidance, but the harassment began after the seminary discovered he had a love affair with a colleague. He was 20.

According to the report, B. asked Corrêa’s help and the archbishop said that the young man had to comply with his spiritual healing method.

“I came to the first session and it all started: He wanted to know if I used to masturbate, if I had an active or passive role, if I liked to alternate roles [during sex], if I used to watch porn, what I thought about when I masturbated. I found his method to be very awkward,” he told El País.

After a few sessions, B. casually met with a friend who told him he was also attending that kind of meeting with Corrêa. His friend said that the encounters had evolved to other practices, such as getting naked with the archbishop and letting him touch his body. B. decided to leave the seminary for good and ceased to meet with Corrêa.

He and his friend remained in touch and eventually met two other former seminarians with similar experiences.

El País’s story includes lurid details of the former seminarians’ accounts. A. said he was threatened by Correa after resisting his efforts to get intimate with him. Like B., the seminary discovered he had an affair with a colleague.

“He said he would tell my family about my affair at the seminary,” A. told the newspaper. The archbishop allegedly promised to reinstate A. if he submitted to his demands. He ended up being sent as an assistant to a parish and was allowed to go back to the seminary afterwards.

“It was common for him to pray beside my (naked) body. He would come close to you, touching you, and started to pray into some part of your naked body,” the former seminarian alleged.

Another former seminarian, who was 16 at the time, told investigators that Corrêa usually sent his driver to pick him up at the seminary, sometimes at night, to have spiritual direction. The encounters, which allegedy took place for some months in 2014, included penetration.

The alleged victims reported that Corrêa used as part of his method the book The Battle for Normality: A Guide for (Self-) Therapy for Homosexuality, written by the Dutch psychologist Gerard J. M. van den Aardweg.

According to Fantástico’s story, the accusations were sent it to Bishop José Luís Azcona Hermoso, bishop emeritus of the Marajó Prelature, who has extensive experience working with victims of abuse.  The accusations then reached the Vatican, which sent delegates to investigate the case in Brazil.

Azcona didn’t respond to Crux’s request for comment.

On December 5, Corrêa released a statement and a video in which he said that he had been recently informed of “serious accusations” against him. He decried the fact that he hadn’t been “previously questioned, heard or given any opportunity to clarify such alleged facts included in the accusations.”

Mentioning only that he was facing “accusations of immorality,” he said he lamented that the alleged accusers had opted for the “way of scandal, with the circulation of the news across the national media” with the apparent goal of “causing irreparable harm to me and provoking a shock in the Holy Church.”

A campaign supporting Corrêa has been launched on social media. Fantástico’s noted the archbishop had the support of notable Catholic leaders in Brazil, including the famous singing priests Fábio de Melo and Marcelo Rossi.

On the other hand, a group of 37 organizations released an open letter requesting the immediate removal of Corrêa from his post while the inquiries were ongoing. One of the signatories of the document is the Commission of Justice and Peace of the Archdiocese of Santarém. Archbishop Irineu Roman of Santarém later released a statement to clarify that he hadn’t been consulted by the Commission about the document.

The Archdiocese of Belém said in a statement that the ongoing inquiry forbids it and the archbishop from commenting on the case at this moment. The National Conference of Bishops of Brazil [CNBB] declined to comment.

The Apostolic Nunciature didn’t respond to Crux’s requests for comment.

Corrêa, 70, was ordained a priest in 1973 and became an auxiliary bishop in Brasília in 1991. He was the first archbishop of Palmas, in Tocantins State, and became the archbishop of Belém in 2010. He’s the ecclesial advisor of the Charismatic Catholic Renewal in the country.



Twitter permanently suspends President Donald Trump. AOL.

Twitter permanently suspended President Donald Trump’s account on Friday, citing “the risk of further incitement of violence.”

The president’s account, with 88 million followers, was initially banned for 12 hours on Wednesday due to “severe violations of our Civic Integrity policy,” after he used the platform to condemn Vice President Mike Pence as his supporters stormed the Capitol.

“After close review of recent Tweets from the @realDonaldTrump account and the context around them we have permanently suspended the account due to the risk of further incitement of violence,” the company said in a tweet.

Almost immediately, the account that Trump had used for years to convey his every thought, to denounce his enemies and praise his friends, to convey uncountable false statements and official White House announcements, simply disappeared. It was suddenly impossible to see his previous tweets, or even to see his reaction to Twitter’s decision. Instead, his empty account had been marked: “Account suspended.”

Trump’s attempts to tweet from associated accounts also were blocked. At one point, he was tweeting from his campaign account, but that was promptly suspended.
In a blog post, Twitter detailed the reasoning behind the decision.

“In the context of horrific events this week, we made it clear on Wednesday that additional violations of the Twitter Rules would potentially result in this very course of action,” Twitter wrote. “Our public interest framework exists to enable the public to hear from elected officials and world leaders directly. It is built on a principle that the people have a right to hold power to account in the open.”

“However, we made it clear going back years that these accounts are not above our rules and cannot use Twitter to incite violence,” the post continued. “We will continue to be transparent around our policies and their enforcement.”
The White House did not respond to a request for comment.

Twitter banned the president’s account after years of public pressure and several attempts to limit the reach of his account in recent days. Hundreds of Twitter employees recently signed a letter urging Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to ban the president for using the platform to incite violence in the wake of the Capitol siege. An employee at Twitter who has been pushing for the company to delete the president’s account this week told NBC News that “leadership took a beating” at a meeting Friday morning with employees, many of whom pleaded with executives to delete his account.

“A lot of us are so happy, and so proud to work for a company that did the right thing,” the employee said.

This was the second time in a week Twitter had taken action against the president’s account. Twitter removed three tweets that promoted conspiracy theories about the election and locked Trump’s account on Wednesday, citing “a risk of violence,” after a violent riot at the Capitol.

Trump’s official @POTUS account is still active, but if the company determines he’s using it to evade the ban, it will take action to limit its use, a Twitter spokesperson said in a statement.

About two hours after his ban, Trump did turn to the official @POTUS account, railing against Twitter, Democrats, and “the Radical Left,” in a series of tweets that were quickly deleted. A Twitter spokesperson said, “As we’ve said, using another account to try to evade a suspension is against our rules. We have taken steps to enforce this with regard to recent Tweets from the @POTUS.”

In the blog post, Twitter cited Trump’s two most recent tweets as an explanation for the permanent suspension.

In the first one, Trump wrote: “The 75,000,000 great American Patriots who voted for me, AMERICA FIRST, and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, will have a GIANT VOICE long into the future. They will not be disrespected or treated unfairly in any way, shape or form!!!”

In the next, he tweeted, “To all of those who have asked, I will not be going to the Inauguration on January 20th.”

Taken together, the company determined, they were “likely to inspire others to replicate the violent acts that took place on January 6, 2021, and that there are multiple indicators that they are being received and understood as encouragement to do so.”
The suspension drew immediate praise from Democratic politicians.

“Thank you @twitter for taking this action,” Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., tweeted. “We must come together as a country to heal and find a common path forward.”

Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., tweeted: “An overdue step. But it’s important to remember, this is much bigger than one person. It’s about an entire ecosystem that allows misinformation and hate to spread and fester unchecked.”

Republican politicians and Trump loyalists pushed back on the decision.
“Disgusting. Big Tech wants to cancel all 75M @realDonaldTrump supporters,” tweeted Jason Miller, a senior adviser to Trump’s 2020 campaign.

Nikki Haley, the former ambassador to the United Nations, tweeted: “Silencing people, not to mention the President of the US, is what happens in China not our country. #Unbelievable”

Trump was an early adopter of Twitter, joining the platform in 2009. He has long favored Twitter as a means of communicating his policies, opinions and grievances directly to supporters while circumventing the traditional media.

But after his election in 2016, Trump told “60 Minutes” correspondent Lesley Stahl that as president he would use the platform differently.

“I’m going to do very restrained, if I use it at all, I’m going to do very restrained,” Trump said. “I find it tremendous. It’s a modern form of communication.”

Trump was not restrained, using his account to make ad hominem attacks against political opponents and announce public firings, posts that were widely criticized as unpresidential but allowed by Twitter.

In 2020, as the pandemic raged and the president used his account to spread misinformation about Covid-19 and the coming election, Twitter — under fire from public health experts and lawmakers — began to enforce new policies on Trump’s account.

Twitter first took action against Trump’s account last May, adding a warning label to a pair of tweets that claimed mail-in ballots were fraudulent. The label said the tweet contained “potentially misleading information about voting processes.”

In the months that followed, the company played whack-a-mole, adding labels to tweets for violating nearly all of the company’s rules, including abusive behavior, misinformation, glorifying violence and manipulated media.

On election night, Twitter took the unprecedented step of hiding behind warnings tweets from the president that claimed his votes had “started to magically disappear.” Since then, Twitter has labeled Trump’s tweets disputing the free and fair election — sometimes daily.


I am delighted that Twitter is no longer allowing Donald Trump to incite hatred to his 88 million followers on Twitter.

Blocking and restricting free speech should always be a last step in modern democracies.

But rights and obligations must always be balanced.

I have always liked the STATUE OF LIBERTY but I’ve always said they should build another statue near it called the STATUE OF RESPONSIBILITY.

Free speech cannot be used to incite revolution, sedition and anarchy.

Donald Trump should be prosecuted for treason and put away for a long time.

His words and actions last Wednesday put not only US democracy but international democracy and stability at risk.

And, I cannot understand how 70 million Americans voted for Trump.

I’m afraid it says all you need to know about the intelligence and common sense of a large part of the population of the USA.

PAT’S SERMON. Sunday 10 TH JAN 2021

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Pope Francis has published a document that makes it more difficult for bishops to found diocesan monasteries like Silverstream.





“A sure sign of the authenticity of a charism is its ecclesial character, its ability to be integrated harmoniously into the life of God’s holy and faithful people for the good of all. (Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii gaudium, 130). The faithful have the right to be warned by the Pastors about the authenticity of charisms and the reliability of those who present themselves as founders.

Discernment about the ecclesial nature and reliability of charisms is an ecclesial responsibility of the Pastors of the particular Churches. It is expressed in close care for all forms of consecrated life and, in particular, in the decisive task of assessing the advisability of establishing new Institutes of Consecrated Life and new Societies of Apostolic Life. It is right to respond to the gifts the Spirit awakens in the particular Church, welcoming them generously with thanksgiving; at the same time, it must be avoided that “communities may be needlessly brought into being which are useless or which lack sufficient resources” (Decree of the Vatican Ecumenical Council II, Perfectae caritatis, 19).

The Apostolic See has the responsibility to accompany the Pastors in the process of discernment leading to the ecclesial recognition of a new Institute or a new Society under diocesan law. The Apostolic Exhortation Vita consecrata states that the vitality of new Institutes and Societies “must be judged by the authority of the Church, which has the responsibility of examining them in order to discern the authenticity of the purpose for their foundation and to prevent the proliferation of institutions similar to one another, with the consequent risk of a harmful fragmentation into excessively small groups” (n. 12). The new Institutes of Consecrated Life and the new Societies of Apostolic Life, therefore, must be officially recognized by the Apostolic See, which alone has final judgement.

The act of canonical erection by the Bishop transcends the solely diocesan sphere and makes it relevant to the wider horizon of the universal Church. In fact, by its very nature, every Institute of Consecrated Life or Society of Apostolic Life, even if it has arisen in the context of a particular Church, “as a gift to the Church, is not an isolated or marginal reality, but deeply part of her. It is at the very heart of the Church, a decisive element of her mission” (Letter to Consecrated Persons, III, 5).

With this in mind, I have decided to modify can. 579, which is replaced by the following text:

Episcopi dioecesani, in suo quisque territorio, instituta vitae consecratae formali decreto valide erigere possunt, praevia licentia Sedis Apostolicae scripto data.

I order that what has been deliberated with this Apostolic Letter issued Motu Proprio have firm and stable implementation, notwithstanding anything to the contrary, even if worthy of special mention, and that it be promulgated by publication in L’Osservatore Romano, entering into force on 10 November 2020, and thereafter be published in the official commentary of the Acta Apostolicae Sedis.

Given from the Lateran Palace, on 1 November 2020, the Solemnity of All Saints, eighth year of my Pontificate.



Precious little Pope Francis says or does make any difference to me.

To us “independent Catholics” he is at best an irrelevance and at worst the head of a totally corrupt institution.

However, his ban on bishops founding diocesan like Silverstream in Co. Meath will spare many people being hurt and fooled by people like KITTY KIRBY.


However, it is a good thing that individual bishops, like Smith of Meath, will not be allowed, on their own, to open crazy monasteries like the now disgraced Silverstream.


Silverstream was the “fantasy” of Kitty Kirby so he could surround herself with a harem of young men under 35.

Kitty has never faced up to his homosexuality and in the past and even now, people like Kitty, act out their unresolved sexuality by dressing up and masking their homosexuality with religious trappings.

It’s an attempt to “spiritualise” what they consider to be sinful – their sexuality.

It’s a bit like having proxy sex.

Now, Kitty is living, we are told, as a “humble monk” in Silverstream is being run by one of his “Kitty Kittens” – Porn Again Elijah is his new “superior”.


Francis’ document will put a brake on Silverstream like developments.

But more is needed.

They need to start suppressing the Cuckoo monasteries that have already being set up.



‘When the orchestra is playing an evil tune you can be certain the conductor trained in hell”.

I was literally stunned as I watched Trump’s supporters attack and take over the Senate and House of representatives in Washington this week.

In the light of US’ law enforcements’s vicious and racist reactions to other protests by people like Black Lives matter – the mainly white fundamentalists who attacked the Capitol we’re treated very lightly.

My own thought was: “Why are the police not opening fire against these domestic terrorists”?

There are two answers to that:

1. The domestic terrorists were there at the prompting and with the agreement if Trump himself.

2. The vast majority of the domestic terrorists were white.

And the USA has always been and is still today a viciously racist country.

The Bible thumping of the religious right has absolutely nothing to do with Jesus Christ and Christianity.

These Bible thumpers are following a God of their own making and that God us white, racist, gun carrying and blesses the Ku Klux Klan.

The US Republican Party – the favourite of many Anerican and Irish American Roman Catholics – is an anti-christian party in essence and the only lives they seem to want to protect are lives in the womb.

When you leave the womb, especially if you are black or a person of colour, your lives do not matter and your rights do not really exist.

Donald Trump is not just crazy and sick. He is evil.

And that evil, like a covid, has taken over the Republican Party and fundamentalist white America.

Yes, there is great evil in Russia.

Yes, there is great evil in China.

But this week we saw naked, blatant evil alive and well in Washington DC.

I have never believed that the USA was totally the land of the good, the free, democracy.

The US, like the UK, has often employed terrorism and torture around the globe.

But this week in Washington we saw the offspring of Evil America, turn on and attempt to devour their mother.

We live in a time of great evil.

When the orchestra is playing an evil tune you can be certain the conductor trained in hell.

I think we will even see worse happen in the future.

“Deliver us Lord from evil”!