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That said priest (Father Rory Coyle) has been in London as of late (all expenses paid) completing a doctorate titled:​

“Towards a Framework of Creating Coping Strategies for Newly Ordained Roman Catholic Priests Engaged with Major Transitions in Their Lives”

Again, this has been paid by the parishioners and people of the church in the Archdiocese of Armagh. Father Rory completed this at the​ University of Wales Trinity Saint David whilst resident at St Luke’s Institute in the United States of America and the Irish centre in London. Again, all paid by for parishioners.

Note: “Saint Luke Institute is an independent, international Catholic education and treatment centre dedicated to healthy life and ministry for priests, deacons, and religious. We bring the healing ministry of Christ to those we serve through integrated psychological and spiritual treatment and education.”

You can read his paper here:​,%20RORY.pdf

His acknowledgments are very interesting.​

Now to the real story! Father Rory has recently returned to Ireland since living, what can only be described as ‘an interesting life’ whilst away from priesthood.

Father Rory celebrated mass three days ago? Pictures attached. I understand he’s currently staying in Mellifont Parish with Father Sean Dooley.

You ask why does this all matter though? Right? Well here is why! On the one hand up until three days ago, this Grindr priest which was put on leave in 2016 to study a PhD In transitioning and attend therapy at Saint Luke’s institute celebrated mass.


Rory categorically denies he is in a relationship ***

However, on the other hand we have the following: (which Father Coyle has posted himself)

have also tried to attached a video which shows Father Rory Coyle take part in the latest gay pride March in London with a gay rugby team. Not to mention the hashtags #gay #gayboy #gayculture – hopefully the video is included. He posted this himself. No fear


He actively wears a diocesan youth T-shirt in some of the pictures. What is going on?

Now I hear you ask what is wrong with this? Nothing? But is it ok for a priest who celebrates mass, to live a double life? Pretend all is ok? Have a major scandal fall upon the church in Ireland and the Archdiocese of Armagh in 2016 but continue to live a double life? Let’s not forget he posted pictures of himself naked on a gay dating website (Grindr). A priest remember…!!

Is it ok for Father Rory Coyle to have a gay sexual partner and celebrate mass? I don’t think that stands central to what the Catholic Church believe?​

Here we have a priest actively living a double life. His leader and Archbishop Eamon Martin is cc’d into this email. As well as those that broke the story in 2016.​

However, I think it’s important to highlight what is going on. This is a tip of the iceberg of what is yet to come.


I am very disappointed when I read the content of this email to Eamon Martin.

We all supposed that after his FALL, Rory had gone away to repent, pray, get therapy and treatment, do volunteering work and study.

Most sabbaticals are 6 to 12 months.

Rory has had SEVEN YEARS or 84 months.

The good people of ARMAGH have paid Rory his £24,000 salary a year for seven years – a total of £ 168,000.

They also paid for St Luke’s in the USA – costing at least £ 30,000.

They have also paid 7 years rent to the Servites in London.

They have also paid for his D.Min from a Welsh university.

And what has Rory been doing

Having a great time on the London Gay Scene, thanks to the CLAPHAM FEELERS and Instagram.


I am personally disappointed because, unknown to anyone, I have been in touch with Rory, helping him all I could and referring him to others for support.

He always approached me seeking sympathy, advice, prayers, and seeking little or no mention on this blog.

My personal and journalistic integrity would not allow me to concede silence to Rory, but I did help all I could and fretted over things I published.

And, now that I see Rory was pulling the wool over all our eyes – including the eyes of Eamon Martin.

I think that Rory has used everyone for his own ends.

I think he will continue to do that.

But he will eventually run out of road.

Rory is totally unsuitable to the priesthood and perhaps even to any job that involves dealing with vulnerable people.

Is Eamon Martin going to continue with this charade?

If so, what is in this totally dysfunctional relationship for Eamon Martin ?




RORY COYLE hit the headlines in May 2016 during the infamous Maynooth Summer of Love.

He went on Grindr and showed his crown jewels and face to a much younger young man who knew him to have  been his school priest.

The young man claims that Rory wanted to come over his home and “do” him before his mother came home.

The young man took various screen shots etc and sent them to me and later to the Irish News newspaper.

Amy Martin immediately put Rory on a plane for the USA and a treatment clinic.

Then, he did a deal with the Servite Order in London to house Rory, while he volunteered at the Irish Centre and did further studies.

So Rory has been looked after every step of the way because he does exactly what Amy tells him to do and handles everything in the RC sneaky, secret, crooked, and truthless way.

Amy has spent numerous thousands of pounds on Rory, and that is on condition that he continue to lick Amy’s ass and dance to his every tune.

Look how in Rory’s D.Min acknowledgments, he give them all a good lick – Amy, Brady, VG Sweeney etc


I would like to thank everyone who has helped me on my DMin Journey.
I thank my family; my parents, Patrick and Rosemary; my brothers, Garrett, Enda and Diarmuid;
my grandmother, Bernadette; my in-laws and nephews and niece.
I thank Archbishop Eamon Martin, Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All-Ireland for his
interest in my studies and his generousity in allowing me the opportunity to undertake my studies
on a full-time basis. I thank Cardinal Sean Brady, Archbishop Emeritus of Armagh for
recommending me to study at UWTSD.
I thank Canon Eugene Sweeney, Fr Michael Murtagh, Rev Dr Shane Crombie, Fr Michael
McCullough CM for their help. I also thank my brother priests of the Archdiocese of Armagh as
well as the staff of UWTSD.
I thank my supervisory team; Rev Dr Robert Pope for his kindness and very helpful suggestions;
Rev Dr Michael Fass for his encouragement and guidance at every step of the DMin journey.
I thank Fr Pat Ryall, OSM and the members of the Servite Community, Fulham Rd., Chelsea for
their hospitality, prayers and friendsh


Rory is upset and afraid that his new appointment in Tullyallen has been discovered and threatened by the young man he first spoke to on Grindr.

On Monday evening, that young man wrote a long email to Eamon Martin and copied it to me and some journalists.

That email contains a lot of previously unseen photographs and photo shots.

The young man says:

I have also tried to attach a video which shows Father Rory Coyle take part in the latest gay pride March in London with a gay rugby team. Not to mention the hashtags #gay #gayboy #gayculture – is included. He posted this himself. No fear

He actively wears a diocesan youth T-shirt in some of the pictures. What is going on?

Now I hear you ask what is wrong with this? Nothing? But is it ok for a priest who celebrates mass, to live a double life? Pretend all is ok? Have a major scandal fall upon the church in Ireland and the Archdiocese of Armagh in 2016 but continue to live a double life? Let’s not forget he posted pictures of himself naked on a gay dating website (Grindr). A priest remember…!!

Is it ok for Father Rory Coyle to have a gay sexual partner and celebrate mass? I don’t think that stands central to what the Catholic Church believe?

Here we have a priest actively living a double life. His leader and Archbishop Eamon Martin is cc’d into this email. As well as those that broke the story in 2016.

However, I think it’s important to highlight what is going on. This is a tip of the iceberg of what is yet to come”.


Rory, you have to shit or get off the pot.

You have to man up, grow a pair,and openly and publicly address your PAST, your PRESENT, and your FUTURE.

As a priest, you were a public person.

Furthermore, you were more public because you were the Master of Ceremonies to the RC Primate of All Ireland.

Furthermore, you were the County Secretary of Armagh – one of the prominent GAA teams on the island of Ireland.

You were at GAA meetings, matches, changing rooms, Croke Park etc

You need to make a public statement that deals with how you feel about your what you did and apologise to anyone you hurt.

You need to tell people honestly what you want to do with your life.

You can not pretend to be a celibate priest and be involved in gay apps, gay meets, and intensive gay activity on the internet.

If you want and need the gay lifestyle, kiss Amy goodbye and go out there and earn a living.

If you want to be a priest be an independent priest.

Otherwise, you will stumble from scandal to scandal for the next 40 years









Very often, people and priests I’ve never met feel the need to come at me with all their teeth bared and all their fangs outstretched.

I wrongly published Fr Jerry’s pic in error and removed it immediately heard from him.

It would have been wrong and unjust not to do so.

Mind you, my mistake was a bit forgivable as both Fr Cremins share the same surname and look quite alike.

I mostly reply gently to take the sting out of the correspondence, and it generally has the effect of making the other party more relaxed – as it did in this case.

I’m sure that Fr Jerry is a nice man and a good priest to his parishioners.

I’m sure if we met, we could be friendly and chatty and probably agree to differ.

He seems to be a supporter of the Latin Mass.

My main objection to the Latin Mass is the fact that it is being used as a weapon against Vatican II, Francis, and the Vatican II Mass that I celebrate.

I get it that many bishops and priests do not like this blog or its author.

But as Diarmuid Martin told me:

“The truth is still the truth, even if its revolting”



Dear Bishop Deenihan,

As you are undoubtedly aware, I have been in contact with Ms. Teresa Devlin, the CEO of the National Board for Safeguarding Children in the Catholic Church in Ireland.

In her most recent missive she wrote: “[a]ll church bodies in Ireland, are required to have a designated safeguarding person (DLP) and put up a notice about child safeguarding, directing anyone concerned to the statutory authorities and to the Safeguarding DLP. Both of these are in place in Silverstream”. That was a definitive statement from Ms. Devlin.

Therefore, I am intrigued to ascertain: a) what written assurances [if any] Ms. Devlin has received from you as the Ordinary of the Diocese of Meath as to the compliance of Silverstream Priory with national safeguarding protocols, and, b) which individual(s) within the Diocese of Meath has given Ms. Devlin these assurances; thereby, enabling her to reply to my queries with unassailable authority.

I am, of course, FLATTERED, that my most recent missive highlighting the on-going safeguarding issues within Silverstream Priory led to an update on its website and to the naming of Br. Cassian Aylward as the DLP for Silverstream Priory.

It is unacceptable that it has taken ten years for the so-called monastery to “publicly” appoint and name a DLP. Nonetheless, I would respectfully submit that referring to Br. Aylward as “Dom” may be confusing for individuals who are not familiar with the use/abuse of the title “Dom” within certain Benedictine congregations. In order to avoid any confusion, I submit within the present that “Dom Aylward” needs to be referred to as “Br. Aylward”.

However, I feel relieved that Br. Elijah Carroll with his known addiction to gay porn was not appointed the DLP. Nevertheless, this begets the following question: can the appointment of Br. Aylward be likened to putting the fox in charge of the hen house? We must not forget that Br. Aylward is a monk “formed” in the charism of Fr. Kirby. And we know that Fr. Kirby has had an innate indifference to wrong-doing going back decades. So the next question that arises: would it have been more appropriate to have appointed an outsider, who is NOT a monk of Silverstream Priory, as the DLP?

Bishop Deenihan, you do accept that the whole process of safeguarding within Silverstream Priory is an absolute sham? Do you further accept that this rushed update to the Silverstream Priory website evidences a callous indifference to safeguarding at the priory? And do you also accept that the safeguarding page of the aforementioned priory is nothing more than a tissue of lies masquerading as the truth? You will utterly reject my characterisation, however, let me give you some evidence.

On the safeguarding page of the Silverstream Priory website, we read the following:

“We do not have any direct apostolate to children, nor any ministry outside the enclosure of the monastery. Our retreat facilities are closed to persons under 18 years of age”.

This is demonstrably untrue, due to the past presence of Boy Scouts camping overnight on the property that constitutes Silverstream Priory (a property owned ultimately by the Diocese of Meath — the issue of vicarious liability may arise in due course). And I have been able to establish to my complete satisfaction this was not a one-off occasion. As you may recall from my blog, this is a picture of Fr. Mark Kirby with the caption “DIRECTING SCOUTS IN THE SINGING OF THE KYRIE”, a picture taken within the monastic enclosure. Therefore it is legitimate to ask is anybody within Silverstream Priory capable of telling the truth?

Bishop Deenihan on the safeguarding page of the Silverstream Priory website we read the following nonsense: “Our community follows the Safeguarding Policy of the Diocese of Meath and have put in place a number of other guidelines for the community. The full policy and contact information can be obtained here”.

On page 8 of the PDF, we see that the DLP is: “Dom Cassian Aylward”. It is noteworthy that there is no reference to the date of his appointment and/or to his ecclesiastical status. One does not know if he is a monk in solemn vows and/or if he is a cleric, ie, a deacon or a priest. However, the ultimate revelation that safeguarding within Silverstream Priory and the wider Diocese of Meath is nothing more than a sham is eloquently and irrefutably evidenced by the signature of “Father Mark Kirby OSB” on “26 Jul 2019”.

Bishop Deenihan, let us unpick this a little. According to the website of Silverstream Priory, which was canonically erected by your predecessor, Bishop Michael Smith, and by virtue of your appointment — you are the Ordinary for this religious community, we can see with our own eyes that the person with ultimate responsibility (in writing) for safeguarding within Silverstream Priory is Fr. Mark Kirby, the pseudo-Mystic, to whom Christ (purportedly) speaks to from the tabernacle.

The said same Fr. Mark Kirby OSB, the monk and priest, who was the subject of an investigation by An Garda Síochána; who upon the completion of their investigation felt there was sufficient evidence to justify the referral of their findings to the Dublin-based Director of Public Prosecutions.

Bishop Deenihan, in the name of all that is good and holy, can you not discern the perversity of this most egregious reality?

Do you now accept this evidences a callous and blatant disregard for safeguarding within Silverstream Priory and the Diocese of Meath more generally? If not; why not?

Bishop Deenihan, let us be frank — Silverstream Priory is a scandal. Your inexcusable negligence in this regard is making a bad situation even worse. And this rushed attempt to have a policy in place about safeguarding within Silverstream Priory is yet further evidence of this inescapable reality.

When are you going to have the moral fibre to bring this scandal to an end and petition the Dicastery for Institutes of Consecrated Life and for Societies of Apostolic Life to suppress Silverstream Priory by Decree?

Bishop Deenihan, everybody is watching Silverstream Priory. The viewing figures for my blog from all over the world are off the scales every time I make reference to this shambles in your diocese. Think about that. Also, I invite you to reflect that your on-going inaction is making a bad situation even worse; because Silverstream Priory is becoming a source of ever-deepening scandal for the Church in Ireland, and your toleration of same persuasively suggests inexcusable maladministration within the Diocese of Meath; nor does it attest to competent pastoral governance on your watch.

Your brother bishop,

Pat Buckley.


Ms. Teresa Devlin, CEO of the National Board for Safeguarding Children in the Catholic Church in Ireland.


Sexual abuse in Carmelite College Moate: ‘We knew something wasn’t right’


Former pupils allege regular sexual abuse by priest and decorated GAA coach Fr Michael Cremin

Fr Michael Cremin was well regarded in the town of Moate and a ‘celebrity’ in the school. Photograph: Alan Betson

As a football coach, Fr Michael Cremin brought glory to the small Co Westmeath town of Moate, guiding the Carmelite College school team to three All-Ireland GAA titles in the 1970s and early 1980s.

Originally from Co Cork, the priest taught maths in the boys boarding school and coached the football team, as well as later becoming principal.

Now amid ongoing revelations of past abuse in schools, multiple former Moate students who spoke to The Irish Times allege suffering or witnessing sexual abuse by Fr Cremin, who died in 2019.

One Carmelite College boarding student in the late 1970s alleged he was sexually abused by Fr Cremin in the priest’s room when he was about 14 years old.

In other alleged incidents the man claimed he was sexually assaulted during classes, where the priest would sit beside students and grope them. “Everybody else put the head down so they’d avoid the attention. I still haven’t forgotten it,” he said.

“I didn’t wash for a while as a form of defence. I made myself sick every Monday and Friday to avoid going to his class,” the man said. “I told my parents at the time. They wouldn’t believe me,” he said.

Fr Cremin led the Carmelite team to three All-Ireland school football titles in 1976, 1980 and 1981, as well as six Leinster titles during the same period.

The Carmelite order, who also run Terenure College in Dublin, said 41 allegations of child sexual abuse had been reported against 12 priests who had worked in its schools.


It seems like abuse, abuse, abuse, abuse everywhere…..

……in parishes, in presbyteries, in sacristies, in convents, in classrooms, in shower rooms, on football pitches, in chapels…..

And it seems never ending – day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year.

The Carnelites, the Jesuits, the Franciscans, the Holy Ghosts, the Cistercians, the Christian Brothers….

The Sisters of Mercy, Charity, Holy Faith, Nazareth, Presentation……

Legionaries, Opus Dei…..




Glasgow priest who sexually abused girls walks free from court.


A SHAMED priest who sexually abused four girls walked free from court today.

Father Neil McGarrity, 68, preyed on his victims at two churches in Glasgow as well as his parish home in the city.

McGarrity played “footsie” under the table with one of the girls and was caught in a “prolonged embrace” with another.

The priest of 33 years, from the city’s Maryhill, also touched and rubbed the girls with one victim, claiming he hugged her while sitting on a couch.

McGarrity was found guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court of four sexual assaults and one charge of engaging in sexual activity.

The charges span from December 2017 and February 2020 with the girls’ ages ranging between 10 to 16.

Sheriff Vincent Lunny ordered McGarrity to do 250 hours of unpaid work and put him under supervision for three years.

He also tagged McGarrity for nine months keeping him indoors between 7pm and 7am.

McGarrity was placed on the sex offenders register for five years.


Today at Glasgow Sheriff Court, Neil McGarritty, a Glasgow priest ordained in 1989 with 8 others including the current Vicar General was sentenced for 5 offences against 4 girls.​

He avoided a jail sentence and Sheriff Vincent Lunny gave him an alternative to custody by ordering him to carry out 250 hours unpaid work, tagged for 9months from 7pm to 7am and placed on the sex offenders list for 5 years!

I’ve spoken today to the Grandmother of 3 of the girls and they are absolutely devastated that in their opinion he got off lightly. The Fathers of these girls are angry that their children have been let down by the church and now the state.​

For most of his priesthood there have been rumours, allegations and cover ups by three 3 different archbishops and many of Neils victims from previous years are also devastated.

There is no justice!​


Neil Mc Garrity has been found guilty of sexually assaulting a number of young girls.

His actual actions with the girls were regarded as being at the lower end of such actions, and he has avoided being sent to prison.

He has been put under 3 years supervision and told to do 250 hours of community work and is being placed on the sex offender’s register for 5 years.

He will now face a canonical trial and will undoubtedly never work as a priest again.

However, he is 68 years old and, in most other jobs, would have been retired.

I think justice has been done. He was investigated, prosecuted, tried, convicted, and sentenced.

I hope his victims have not been too badly damaged and that they will fully recover.

Do readers feel the sentence fitted the crime?





More lies from Philip Egan. Of the seven places where this Mass is celebrated, including 8 am. in the Cathedral, six are Parish Churches. Those attending range from 2 people to 30.






A victim of clerical abuse has called on Archbishop Eamon Martin to resign, accusing him of a lack of “transparency”.

Sean Faloon made the call after meeting the Catholic primate about the case of former priest Malachy Finegan last month.

From Hilltown in Co Down, Mr Faloon (41) has previously revealed how his abuse began with hugging and kissing after Mass.

Her was later raped and abused by Finegan over a seven-year period from 1990 to 1997.

In 2006 Mr Faloon settled an action against the Diocese of Dromore for a six-figure sum.

He claims that during the conversation with Archbishop Martin he asked why former Bishop of Dromore Dr John McAreavey hadn’t followed up with police in later years.


He claims Archbishop Martin replied by asking him why he hadn’t returned to police when he turned 18 – an age where he didn’t need parental consent.

“The onus was put on me to go back to the police six months later – that’s victim blaming,” he said.

“I think he should resign.”


Eamon Martin shouldn’t only resign. He should never have been appointed in the first place.

He was only appointed for his spinelessness, gutlessness, and lack of intellectual and moral integrity.

Indeed, these negative attributes seem to be the most common attributes of recent generations of RC bishops.

When I was a curate in the fishing port of Kilkeel in the early 1980s, one of my parishioners invited me to view his new fish processing plant.

I saw the fish come on to the assembly line.

First, they cut the fishes heads off.

Then they ripped their bellies open and removed their guts.

Finally, they removed their spines.

And you ended up with fish fillets.

The priesthood and episcopate is exactly like that.

Most of them have had their heads, guts, and spines removed.

And we have ended up with filleted bishops and filleted priests.

And, as the Psalmist laments…..

There is neither priest nor prophet to ply his trade in the land……


Bishop Pat,

Today, Friday 3rd of March, Fr Neil McGarritty, will be sentenced at Glasgow Sheriff Court for 5 charges relating to 4 girls.

Let’s pray for these and his many other victims over the decades who never got their day in court.​

The clergy here hope he is given a custodial sentence.





Bishop Pat,

Did you know that in his new move and appointments Christopher Morris has been appointed Chaplain to St Philips List D School in Airdrie?

He is a serious threat to these vulnerable teen boys. It wasn’t included in official notice for obvious reasons. He’s boasting about it! Safeguarding! Motherwell! Holy Toaly is one crazy!

Also Deacon Colum Martin is a close friend and serious drinking partner of Anne Marie Clements aka the ‘Provo Princess’ a primary school teacher who was banned from the classroom for glorifying the IRA in her tweets for which she was convicted at Paisley Sheriff Court.


Anne-Marie Clements was convicted at Paisley Sheriff Court last year of posting “grossly offensive” messages and she has now agreed to be struck off teaching register.

A primary teacher who glorified the IRA in a series of Tweets has agreed to be banned from the classroom.

Anne-Marie Clements, who called herself the “Provo Princess”, was convicted at Paisley Sheriff Court last year of posting the “grossly offensive” messages and fined £600.

Clements, who also lost her job at St Mark’s Primary in Barrhead, East Renfrewshire, has now consented to be struck off the teaching register.


Like with Morris, Holy Toaly was warned not to accept Colum Martin back to seminary after being thrown out for thuggish and loutish behaviour but once again Holy Toaly’s penchant for young men was out of control.

Both thrown out of Rome, both accepted back in the face of opposition and both sent to Oscott which is now the Scottish National Seminary of Rejects like Wonersh once was.​

We all know what Morris and Martin have over Holy Toaly and Steve Robson of Dunkeld.



From a Scottish reader

Morris was one of 8 priests who attended the annual Education Mass on Thursday night-it had been rescheduled due to the strikes. He is at the far left next to Fr Hughes and Fr Lamb. You can also see Deacon Colum Martin, who, of course, made national news in Scotland. Schools took bus loads of pupils as representatives – surely this is a safeguarding issue? A teacher friend of my wife described it as a ‘beautiful Mass’ – if only people knew what was stood before them on the altar!!!!


TMTBCT can be a bit rambling at times but those twitter comments are actually astounding. You wouldn’t expect them from some scheme rat as opposed to a supposed man of the cloth.
What a scumbag.

Given his profession, it probably isn’t the most offensive thing you’ll find on his internet history

Motherwell diocese,home of Bishop Joe Devine ,who admitted that RC schooling was “divisive”

Certainly looks like his legacy lives on


What is going on in Motherwell Diocese and in the Catholic Church in Scotland in general?

Not only are sexually active seminarians welcome in ministry – but so are people who have stirred up sectarian strife.




I found this video about Opus Dei very disturbing.

Opus Dei, to my mind, is a cult.

Or, if you like, as an RCC organisation, a cult within a cult.

Here in Ireland, one of the most prominent Opus Dei people is PHONSIE CULLINAN. the RCC bishop of Waterford.

And just look at his strange views;

Anti yoga.

Anti cervical cancer vaccinations for young women.

He is overseeing a weird community house for young adults in the Tipperary mountains.

He has young people staying with him in his house in Waterford.

If I were a parent, I would not let a child of mine anywhere near opus Dei Phonsie.