My brother bishop, Phonsie,

As you are aware, I have long-standing connections with the Diocese of Waterford and Lismore: I was a seminarian at St John’s College: I was ordained to the priesthood in the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity, by one of your predecessors, Bishop Michael Russell; and I maintained a long-standing friendship with the late Monsignor John Shine.

Recently, I have received information from a priest of the Diocese of Waterford and Lismore, who was categorical that he had seen the former Abbot and Ordinary of Mount Melleray Abbey, Fr Richard Purcell, OCSO walking around the monastery, during a visit to the abbey for a period of prayer and reflection.

As the Ordinary of the canonical territory in which Mount Melleray Abbey is located: are you in a position to deny or confirm the presence of Fr Purcell at the abbey? Of course, I appreciate you have no jurisdiction over Mount Melleray Abbey, a monastery of Pontifical Right. However, your jurisdiction extends to whether a priest of that abbey can exercise priestly ministry within your canonical territory — that is not in dispute; it is a well-established principle of canon law.

In any event, I direct your attention to the photographs that evidence the presence of Fr Purcell at Mount Melleray Abbey. These photographs appeared in the Dungarvan Leader on February 24, 2023. I trust you will not be obtuse to suggest they have been “photoshopped”. Instead, I hope you will deal with the substantive questions that arise from the presence of Fr Richard Purcell in one of the most venerable of the Irish Cistercian houses.

His notorious and infamous activities in Dublin-based gay saunas and the fact that his sexual activity within the confines of Roscrea-based Mount Saint Joseph Abbey was known to and acknowledged by the former Abbot General, Dom Eamon Fitzgerald OCSO is scandalous. Fr Purcell’s despicable and deplorable behaviour has brought shame and scandal to his monastery and order in Ireland and internationally.

Moreover, that Dom Eamon Fitzgerald, OCSO, was aware of Fr. Purcell’s proclivities in sexual activity evidences what is negatively systemic in the Order and a culture of sustained cover-up. This is the harsh and ugly reality of the Irish Cistercians.

Yesterday, a commentator on my blog highlighted that Fr Purcell does have the right to return to the monastery by virtue of the transfer of his monastic stability from Mount Saint Joseph Abbey to Mount Melleray Abbey following his election as the abbot. I have no knowledge of canon law or the law proper of the Order of the Cistercians of the Strict Observance, however, it does seem that it is permissible for Fr Purcell to return to his abbey. But the fact that Fr Purcell resigned in sexual scandal means his return to Mount Melleray Abbey is an act of extraordinary imprudence. It is also a deeply ill-judged act that will beget fresh scandal for the Irish Cistercians.

For reasons that are self-evident it is now appropriate and salutary for the greater good of the Irish Cistercians and the local church that is the Diocese of Waterford and Lismore to ask the following legitimate questions.

When did Fr Richard Purcell return to Mount Melleray Abbey? Is it possible that you were not alerted to the proposed return of Fr Purcell to abbey? Is it possible that Fr Purcell was only making a brief visit to the abbey? However, if Fr Purcell has returned to Mount Melleray Abbey on a permanent basis — the further following questions spontaneously arise.

When did you receive notification of Fr Purcell’s proposed return to Mount Melleray Abbey? If so; from which individual did you learn of Fr. Purcell’s proposed return? Was it from Fr Rufus Pound, OCSO, the Monastic Commissary appointed by the General Chapter or from the Abbot General, Dom Bernardus Peeters, OCSO who conducted the so-called Apostolic Visitation of Mount Melleray Abbey to ascertain whether it was true that Fr Richard Purcell was whoring around gay saunas in Dublin?

Did you welcome the return of the scandal-ridden Fr Purcell to your canonical territory or did you roll your eyes in disbelief at this act of unprecedented asininity?

Could it be possible that you decided to exercise the pastoral prerogative of mercy by indicating that you would welcome his return and in an act of misguided charity — spontaneously offered Fr Purcell priestly faculties with immediate effect to minister publicly within the Diocese of Waterford and Lismore?

At the time of this writing, does Fr Purcell have faculties from his superior to celebrate the Eucharist publicly at Mount Melleray Abbey and to celebrate Mass in any church within the canonical territory of your diocese?

Does Fr Purcell have your written permission to hear confessions at Mount Melleray Abbey? Does Fr Purcell have faculties to hear confessions in the Diocese of Waterford and Lismore? If so; have you granted him a faculty to absolve from the delict of abortion?

Out of respect for Mount Melleray Abbey, I have not published my extremely detailed affidavit outlining the past allegations that I made against Fr Purcell on my blog: however, I may do so in the not-so-distant future.

I would be grateful for a prompt acknowledgement of the present with the answers to the legitimate questions contained, herein.

Because I believe transparency is good for Mount Melleray Abbey and for the Irish Church, I will publish this correspondence on my blog.

+ Pat Buckley



His Excellency, Archbishop Luis Mariano Montemayor, Apostolic Nuncio of the Holy See to the Republic of Ireland.
Dom Bernardus Peeters, OCSO, Abbot General, Order of the Cistercians of the Strict Observance.
Fr Eamon Fitzgerald, OCSO, Emeritus Abbot General, Order of the Cistercians of the Strict Observance.
Fr Rufus Pound, OCSO, Monastic Commissary.



People Before Profit TD Paul Murphy has said he and his partner plan to raise their new baby gender neutral.

The new dad announced the arrival of his first child with partner Jess last month, who they have named Juniper.

In an interview with the Irish Times, Mr Murphy (39) explained the couple’s decision behind opting not to use gender-specific language. They had decided on the baby’s name before the birth.

“Regardless of whether it was male or female, it was going to be Juniper. I think it’s a gender neutral name,” he said.

We’re not gendering it. So, we’re not describing Juniper as a boy, we’re describing Juniper as a baby, but it is male.

“We live in a deeply sexist and gendered society which creates certain expectations for boys and certain expectations for girls. And those things are changing in a positive direction, but there’s a very, very long way to go.”


I may be very old-fashioned and unwise, but I can not get my head around the whole gender neutral and gender neutral pronouns debate.

I am male. I am a gay male. I have never wanted to be anything but male. I am 100% attracted to males. I have absolutely no sexual attraction to females.

But I have no problems with females. I grew up six sisters. I’ve always had close female friends.

I find some females very attractive in various ways – in appearance, emotionally, etc.


I was reared as a boy, a male. I would not have wanted it any other way.

For various reasons, I found childhood and puberty quite painful and challenging.  Being sexually abused at 6 complicated it all further.

Growing up gay in “Suicide Bomber Catholic Ireland” with all its guiltriddeness and denunciation was very hard.

Being brainwashed in RC schools and seminaries deepened the fog of confusion.

But I never wanted to be a “Juniper”. That might have very well sent me over the edge.

I was never schizophrenic – but if people kept calling me, “THEY,” I may have become so.

I’m absolutely in favour of total acceptance and practical compassion and care for people with sexual and gender issues and dilemmas.

But this whole transgenderism movement leaves me with so many questions and suspicions.




A Waterford priest has let us know that Richard Dargan – Purcell is back in Mount Melleray.

He could not tell us whether or not he is permanently resident there – but he is certainly walking around the place in hus Cistercian habit and greet people with great gusto.

In any event, it seems that Richard and those like him have no shame.

We are all sinners. When we fail, if we have any moral compass, we have a sense of shame.

How shocking it is to find people, especially for me, a priest, with no sense of shame or remorse.



A blog reader sent us the following

If this is true, it’s good for the Portsmouth Priests’ Retirement Fund.

Many of the English bishops seem to dislike and resent Arthur Roche the new cardinal.

Roche certainly has Francis’ ear.



PHONSIE’S latest nutty bombshell is to impose a CONFIRMATION TAX on every family in Waterford and Lismore!!!

As if enough young people and parents are not walking away from the Church, now Phonsie is going to make them pay for the last sacrament many will bother asking for.

Catholic teachers regularly tell me that the vast majority of their Confirmation class students never attend Mass again.

You might be lucky if some of them want to use the church for a family wedding or funeral.


And in the very middle of one of the worst cost of living crisis, when some people are deciding between eating or heating their houses, Emperor Phonsie imposes a Confirmation Tax on such families.

Talk about sensitivity!

Talk about timing!


The fact that Phonsie is introducing a Family Confirmation Tax is a sign of how cash struck Waterford is.

It’s also a sign of the growing cash crisis in the RCC.

Slap it into them, I say!

Maybe it will stop them spending hundreds of thousands on naughty priests?






I make no apologies for my post because this evil man perverted the course of justice he allowed paedophile priests loose in our schools, our sacred churches, and our pilgrimages to sacred places such as Lourdes.

He is a pure heretic he was confirming young people consecrating their innocent precious bodies’ minds and spirits to the divine Holy Spirit, making them temples of the Holy Spirit like the holy grail. He choose young men for the priesthood he told us nothing but lies pure and utter tripe because behind this evil bishops sleekit smile it was harbouring a deep dark dreadful secret it was actually turning a blind eye to the desecration and total destruction of young childrens and young mens bodies minds and their spirits.

He sat back on its Laurels and ignored the screaming of young people screaming in pain as former priest Jim Donaghy raped and
pillaged their wee bodies destroyed their minds and crucified their spirits. He ignored those who told the truth about Donaghy escapades giving Donaghy the youth team in Lourdes pilgrimage where Donaghy would pick his prey, especially young men who thought they had a vocation to the priest hood.

People reading this will be shocked to learn this especially as I am a true Roman Catholic and follow the laws of holy mother church to the core but the fact this so called ’father’ of our church allowed a known paedo run amuck in our diocese and did nothing about it sickens me to my very soul.

He allowed young men to be so terrified of Donaghy that they actually contemplated taking their own lives. Their poor minds where so destroyed that they had no one to turn to or listen to their pleas for mercy the fact they fell on the ears of this soul destroying hypocrite he actually allowed this to go on for many many years.

He even got a ‘friend’ of his who is a judge to try and prevert the course of justice she actually committed purjury for him but got away with it.

I’m calling on all my friends, whatever their religion to write to the diocese of Down and Connor this bishop needs held accountable for his actions he not only allowed Donaghy to abuse but Frs Curran. Steele. Smith and God only knows how many more.

We, as Roman Catholics, owe to our good priests and religious not to be tainted with the same brush as this wolf in sheeps clothing.
We need to take a stand for justice for right for truth we owe it to the many many victims of child abuse of all the diocese in our provinces.

This bishop’s funeral is being planned. He will be given a full Roman Catholic funeral with all the trimmings and will be buried in St. Peter’s cathedral Belfast, where thousands of good holy people pray, and this evil man will be placed where good honest people knelt and prayed .

This is an abomination to sacred holy people it’s a pure disgrace to our families who built St. Peter’s cathedral.

This man deserves to be buried privately and in disgrace for the disgrace he caused to our young people young men and children and young girls he allowed the physical mental sexual abuse of God knows how many but this is the end.

I’m asking people to write to the diocese of Down and Connor to prevent former bishop paddy Walsh the pompous funeral, for in truth he deserves no such honour of our church we need to show support for the victims to the people who this man allowed another man to destroy we owe them okur voice we need the victims of Walsh and Donaghy to know that we have them.

While Walsh has never been convicted of what he did, he was worse than the perpetrator of the heinous crimes he sat back and did nothing and allowed it to happen.

We need to use our voices for the victims.




I have no feelings about “Fr Filth” James Donaghy anymore. He is irrelevant to my life. Me, James, Victim B and the seven year old boy he abused put Donaghy behind bars and on the sex offenders register for the rest of his life.

But Loughran and Walsh, with that evil woman and evil man, I am angry as hell.

When I met with Walsh, on April 1st and later on October 14th, 2003, I knew he was lying through his teeth but I could do nothing about it.

Now, I know for an absolute FACT that Walsh had prior knowledge of the danger Donaghy posed to young lads.

This lying and wicked old rat is planning on being buried in St Peter’s Cathedral, Belfast, when he dies. I cannot be silent about that. That’s the Church where I was ordained a priest on June 25th, 1989.

The permanent presence in that sacred space, of this scumbag’s carcass, will desecrate this holy place. I have to protest against this and I know I speak for many people.

Walsh should be buried elsewhere. He is entitled to a funeral Mass but it should be low key. Any “celebration” of this man will add insult to the injuries myself and Donaghy’s other victims have already suffered.

Also, doubtless, one of the chief mourners at his funeral will be the wicked and conniving former crown court judge, Gemma Loughran.

Loughran deliberately concealed her close friendship with Walsh from a court of law – a clear conflict of interest.

Furthermore, she conspired to pervert the course of justice, and influence the outcome of a criminal trial, in the favour of a later convicted rapist and abuser, of boys and young men.

Both Loughran and Walsh, took the side of Donaghy against us, Donaghy’s victims. This is inexcusable and I cannot, and will not, let the matter rest.

Please help me expose this evil and further injustice. Both these two are deeply ingrained narcissists. Their arrogance and pride is truly colossal.

All his life, Walsh treated people with utter contempt and he always “got his way”. He should be stopped from getting his way over what happens when he leaves this world.

The man is so utterly delusional, and consumed by his own pride and folly, that he fails to see that the whereabouts of his grave will be the very least of his problems, when he stands before Jesus Christ for judgement.


I can fully understand the raw depth of this lady’s anger.

I had dealings with PADDY WALSH for over 20 years.

Paddy was a sadist. I even heard he is currently making life difficult for the nurses, where he lives at 91 in a home.

As the principal and president of St Malachy’s College, Belfast, his sadism and violence were on display every day in his dealings with the schoolboys.

He covered much sexual abuse.


I personally was involved in helping one of the very damaged victims of JAMES DONAGHY – “VICTIM B.”

In the face of Walsh’s opposition and manipulation, it took us years to get justice and a prosecution.


Should deceased paedophile priests and cover-up bishops get high-profile funerals?

The answer must be NO.

Bishops and priests’ funerals generally cast the priest or bishop in a good light and can involve quite a degree of canonization.

No paedophile priest or cover-up bishop should ever be lionised during his funeral.

Nor should his horrific failings be ignored.

And no such priest or bishop should be buried in a prominent place in a church graveyard or cathedral crypt.

For instance, EAMON CASEY should never have been interred in Galway Cathedral Crypt after what he did to Annie Murphy and sexually abusing his niece.

Where should we put Paddy Walsh’s remains?

It’s tempting to think of punishing him post mortem.





INVESTIGATION: Sacked Scots priest Father Joseph Dunne denies abuse allegations as he’s tracked down in Ireland

A CATHOLIC priest who disappeared after being accused of abuse in Scotland and California has been tracked down in rural Ireland.

Father Joseph Dunne was found living with his sister in a bungalow just outside the village of Geashill, in County Offaly.

Asked about the allegations against him, the 77-year-old denied any wrong-doing, saying: “I’ve done nothing wrong. My conscience is clear.”

Last week we told how Dunne was sacked from his Glasgow parish in 1988 by the late Cardinal Thomas Winning, after complaints about inappropriate behaviour towards young girls.

But the police and other Catholic churches were not told and Dunne found a new church in Los Angeles before being accused again.

US church leaders only learned of his past when they called his former bosses in Glasgow. Dunne was investigated by police in LA, but never charged.

He returned to Glasgow where he was told never again to work as a priest – but still Scottish church authorities did not inform the police. Scottish police were finally told about Dunne in 2013 but decided to take no action.

Speaking from his home, Dunne denied the allegations against him, claiming he had been formally cleared.

He said: “I got the all-clear from Scotland and America and I have a letter telling me that. “

Asked if Cardinal Winning had sacked him in 1988 after allegations of inappropriate behaviour he said: “No. No. No. That never came out.”

And when we quizzed him about events in LA, where he faced a second allegation in 1993, he replied: “I’m 25 years away from America – how can I go back and remember all that?”

In response to Dunne’s claim he had been cleared, the Archdiocese of Glasgow said: “Father Joseph Dunne has been forbidden from exercising priestly ministry since 1988. He has been reminded of this repeatedly.”

The allegations against Dunne emerged when the Los Angeles Archdiocese published a list of more than 200 priests accused of abuse. The Catholic Church in Scotland has never published such a list.

Dunne was moved around five Glasgow parishes after being ordained at Waterford Cathedral in 1975.

He first served as a priest at St James’s Crookston, moving to St Lawrence’s, Drumchapel, until 1978 and then St Bartholomew’s, Castlemilk. He was then sent to St Paul’s, Whiteinch, in 1985 and then to St Mary The Immaculate in Pollokshaws. In 1988 he was sacked.

However, in 1990 he was given a licence to continue acting as a priest by the Archdiocese of LA, where the second allegation, of molesting a schoolgirl, was made in 1993.

The church’s former abuse adviser, Alan Draper, said: “This is a deeply worrying case, and one which will have many asking where he went after Los Angeles.”

‘He wanted me to play chase and tickle in the dark’


An 81-year-old former Offaly priest who sexually abused a young woman as he drove her to the Rape Crisis Centre for counselling has avoided a jail term, as he is the sole carer for his elderly sister.

Joe Dunne indecently assaulted the previously abused young woman on a number of occasions after befriending her in hospital. He later asked her for forgiveness, before assaulting her again.

The woman outlined how meeting Dunne when she was a young woman in a highly vulnerable situation had started “34 years of hell”. She said she thought she would be safe as he was a priest.

Dunne, of Ballycrystal, Geashill, Co Offaly, pleaded guilty at the Central Criminal Court to five counts of indecent assault of the woman in 1989. He has no previous convictions.

The court heard the case had come to light as a result of a separate investigation in 2019 when gardaí came across letters the injured party had written to her bishop about Dunne years earlier.

Gardaí then approached the woman and she disclosed to them what had occurred.

Mr Justice Paul McDermott commended the courage of the woman in coming forward and putting herself through the onerous process of being a complainant.

He said the court and the criminal justice system depends on the courage of people like herself in coming forward in cases of this kind. He noted the devastating effects of the abuse on the injured party as set out in her victim impact statement.

Mr Justice McDermott said the circumstances of the case were extremely aggravating and noted Dunne had got himself into a position where he could sexually assault an abused woman. “That’s shocking,” said the judge.

He said it was clear from the nature of the assaults that they were carried out on a young woman in a most vulnerable position, and who Dunne knew to be in vulnerable position after she turned to him for support at difficult time.

He said he was obliged to take Dunne’s guilty plea into account but said it appeared from some material presented to court that he does not have full appreciation of the damage done.

The judge also took into account Dunne’s age and his health issues in setting a sentence of four years imprisonment.

He said he also had to take into account the effect imprisoning Dunne would have on his 94-year-old sister, for whom Dunne is the sole carer. He said the report before him in that regard was “stark”. He said the woman would be in very serious circumstances if deprived of his support.

He said the court was faced with a dilemma and he took the “unusual and exceptional step” of suspending the entire sentence because of the disproportionate effect it would have on Dunne’s sister.

The judge said this was not something easily done on his part but said it seemed to him it would involve a significant penalty on a third party if Dunne served the sentence.

Mr Justice McDermott suspended the entirety of the four-year sentence on strict conditions, including that Dunne attend with the Probation Service and undertake offence focused work.


JOE DUNNE studied with me in St John’s, Waterford, for two years – 1973 – 1975.

He was a “late vocation” and from the same area of Co. Offaly I am from – Tullamore.

I was never close to him, and looking back, I would say he was odd, sneaky, and never revealed much about himself.

All of us in St John’s has, thank God, a room of our own.

Joe Dunne was one of the very few who chose to share a room with another seminarian.

He was ordained for Glasgow but got into trouble there very quickly. We never heard why he left Glasgow and went to California.

Nor did we hear why he left California and returned to live with his sister in Geashill.


I was aware that the priests in Tullamore never allowed him to celebrate Mass there.

But he went around family homes in Tullamore, with Padre Pio mittens, celebrating house Masses and receiving financial gifts and Mass Offerings.



I did not suspect that Joe Dunne was a paedophile.

Another case of the RCC allowing a paedophile priest to move from the UK, to the USA and then to Ireland.



I am not a big fan of Church Militant or Michael Voris, BUT this short video below tells exposes a MASSIVE TRUTH in the RCC – the overriding presence of a SINFUL SILENCE.

If you like, ignore the messenger in the video, but please listen to the MESSAGE.

There are some truly awful and evil corruptions in the RCC when it comes to sex, money, etc.

And no matter how much we think we know from this blog, etc., I can assure you that we are only scratching the surface.

I’m afraid it’s a lot like wondering how many lower levels there are in Hell!

I used to think and say I could never be shocked.

But I was wrong. The things gradually emerging from the RCC still have the power to shock me.

For instance, I used to think that Rory Coyle might rarely put on a hat and sun glasses and sneak off at night to have a pint in a gay bar.

And maybe he even might have had a wee grope, kiss, and even a little organism in the gents or a dark alley.

But Rory was actually on a no holes barred seven year gay extravaganza with the Clapham Feelers, gin tours, adventurous holidays, arm in arm with the lovely Oswald.

And all paid for by the wee holy man who lives on the hill beside the cathedral in Armagh.

The person who sent me this week’s material on Rory has said there is a lot more to come ???


The full depth of the corruption in the RCC must be laid bare.

That involves people on the inside, priests and bishops, becoming whistle blowers and speaking out.

Of course, there is a price to be paid.

I know that.

But to remain silent is a massive sin.


EAMON MARTIN appointed Rory Coyle to assist in Mellifont / Tullyallen parish on Ash on Wednesday, 22nd February – gone – 16 days ago?

But left him c/o Archbishop’s House.

Attempted deception?




This week’s latest RORY COYLE SCANDAL places the spotlight more on EAMON MARTIN than it does on RORY “CLAPHAM FEELERS” COYLE.

Rory Coyle has been behaving like a male harlot from ancient Romebut, but, but, Eamon Martin, who should know a lot better, has been letting him do what he wants and has been paying out parishioners to fund the antics in Servite Fulham and FEELERS ClaphamAND FOR SEVEN YEARS.

Rory’s seven year itch has cost Armagh anything up to. £ 300,000.

But the BIG QUESTION that now needs answered is WHY has Amy humoured Rory?

1. Is it because Amy himself is gay – either actively so or non actively – so?

2. Has Rory or some other Armagh priest got the DIRT on Amy, leaving him unable to act?

3. Is Amy a sexually repressed man and getting proxy excitement and pleasure as he fantasises about Rory and others’ actions?

4. Is Amy “in love” with Rory?

There is SOMETHING stopping Eamon Martin doing the right thing, the moral thing, the pastoral thing, the tough love thing.

Has Rory burst out into tears (as is his wont) and flung himself on Amy’s feet, clasping the archepiscopal calves and begging prayers and forgiveness and another chance?

Has the hysteria of it all given Amy the vapours and had him reaching for his sal volatile as he struggled to cope with a room overflowing with the very wildest anabolics?

EAMON MARTIN is an utter disgrace!

EAMON MARTIN needs to resign or be sacked!


A chara,

Pat whether you publish this or not is entirely your decision. I am a PP in a parish outside Armagh, for almost 10 years, and a priest for almost 30 years. I am disgusted, and can speak for a significant number of my own, in the poor handling by Eamon Martin of a number of the younger priests in the diocese.

My (and numerous other’s) main concerns are Fr Rory Coyle, Fr Ryan McAleer and Fr Stephen Wilson. Fr Rory Coyle If what you are saying is accurate, and I don’t doubt you, Rory Coyle has picked up where he left off.

Was there not a canonical investigation into him? Perhaps I have said too much already.

Fr Ryan McAleer; there was certainly a canonical investigation into this man’s behaviour. I am at a loss as to how he carried on with his immature and sordid activities for so long. I thought the people of Dungannon were able to spot this sooner. It is a relatively well educated and affluent parish after all. I am not sure whether you know, but when Fr Ryan McAleer was asked to provide an account of his behaviour during the investigation, he declined to attend. His years as Advisor for Primary Education reflected a lazy attitude on his behalf. His work was done, but he was lacklustre at best. I think he is a very unstable and unhappy man, who has issues. We should pray for him. Ryan McAleer is still in ministry, as recently as November last year at home in Tyrone. Certainly his use of a gay dating site where he exposed himself deems him unfit in many’s

Fr Stephen Wilson

From the moment I heard of the upcoming ordination last year, I boiced my concern to brother priests. Certainly there were priests from at least counties Tyrone and Armagh who felt that EM made a huge mistake. What is concerning is the arrogance and blatant nature of the individual. I believe money was a factor also. I am also aware of incidents occuring in Leinster/Munster with this individual which would deem him completely null and void as a cleric.
Again Pat, I am not saying that as a priest I do not sin. We all do. But there is absolutely no place in ministry for disgrace. I would support a diocesan wide investigation.

Your brother in Christ




fitness_doctor2 Pist-workout selfie #gym goals #legs #biceps #ginger #gingerlove

That said priest (Father Rory Coyle) has been in London as of late (all expenses paid) completing a doctorate titled:​

“Towards a Framework of Creating Coping Strategies for Newly Ordained Roman Catholic Priests Engaged with Major Transitions in Their Lives”

Again, this has been paid by the parishioners and people of the church in the Archdiocese of Armagh. Father Rory completed this at the​ University of Wales Trinity Saint David whilst resident at St Luke’s Institute in the United States of America and the Irish centre in London. Again, all paid by for parishioners.

Note: “Saint Luke Institute is an independent, international Catholic education and treatment centre dedicated to healthy life and ministry for priests, deacons, and religious. We bring the healing ministry of Christ to those we serve through integrated psychological and spiritual treatment and education.”

You can read his paper here:​,%20RORY.pdf

His acknowledgments are very interesting.​

Now to the real story! Father Rory has recently returned to Ireland since living, what can only be described as ‘an interesting life’ whilst away from priesthood.

Father Rory celebrated mass three days ago? Pictures attached. I understand he’s currently staying in Mellifont Parish with Father Sean Dooley.

You ask why does this all matter though? Right? Well here is why! On the one hand up until three days ago, this Grindr priest which was put on leave in 2016 to study a PhD In transitioning and attend therapy at Saint Luke’s institute celebrated mass.


Rory categorically denies he is in a relationship ***

However, on the other hand we have the following: (which Father Coyle has posted himself)

have also tried to attached a video which shows Father Rory Coyle take part in the latest gay pride March in London with a gay rugby team. Not to mention the hashtags #gay #gayboy #gayculture – hopefully the video is included. He posted this himself. No fear


He actively wears a diocesan youth T-shirt in some of the pictures. What is going on?

Now I hear you ask what is wrong with this? Nothing? But is it ok for a priest who celebrates mass, to live a double life? Pretend all is ok? Have a major scandal fall upon the church in Ireland and the Archdiocese of Armagh in 2016 but continue to live a double life? Let’s not forget he posted pictures of himself naked on a gay dating website (Grindr). A priest remember…!!

Is it ok for Father Rory Coyle to have a gay sexual partner and celebrate mass? I don’t think that stands central to what the Catholic Church believe?​

Here we have a priest actively living a double life. His leader and Archbishop Eamon Martin is cc’d into this email. As well as those that broke the story in 2016.​

However, I think it’s important to highlight what is going on. This is a tip of the iceberg of what is yet to come.


I am very disappointed when I read the content of this email to Eamon Martin.

We all supposed that after his FALL, Rory had gone away to repent, pray, get therapy and treatment, do volunteering work and study.

Most sabbaticals are 6 to 12 months.

Rory has had SEVEN YEARS or 84 months.

The good people of ARMAGH have paid Rory his £24,000 salary a year for seven years – a total of £ 168,000.

They also paid for St Luke’s in the USA – costing at least £ 30,000.

They have also paid 7 years rent to the Servites in London.

They have also paid for his D.Min from a Welsh university.

And what has Rory been doing

Having a great time on the London Gay Scene, thanks to the CLAPHAM FEELERS and Instagram.


I am personally disappointed because, unknown to anyone, I have been in touch with Rory, helping him all I could and referring him to others for support.

He always approached me seeking sympathy, advice, prayers, and seeking little or no mention on this blog.

My personal and journalistic integrity would not allow me to concede silence to Rory, but I did help all I could and fretted over things I published.

And, now that I see Rory was pulling the wool over all our eyes – including the eyes of Eamon Martin.

I think that Rory has used everyone for his own ends.

I think he will continue to do that.

But he will eventually run out of road.

Rory is totally unsuitable to the priesthood and perhaps even to any job that involves dealing with vulnerable people.

Is Eamon Martin going to continue with this charade?

If so, what is in this totally dysfunctional relationship for Eamon Martin ?




RORY COYLE hit the headlines in May 2016 during the infamous Maynooth Summer of Love.

He went on Grindr and showed his crown jewels and face to a much younger young man who knew him to have  been his school priest.

The young man claims that Rory wanted to come over his home and “do” him before his mother came home.

The young man took various screen shots etc and sent them to me and later to the Irish News newspaper.

Amy Martin immediately put Rory on a plane for the USA and a treatment clinic.

Then, he did a deal with the Servite Order in London to house Rory, while he volunteered at the Irish Centre and did further studies.

So Rory has been looked after every step of the way because he does exactly what Amy tells him to do and handles everything in the RC sneaky, secret, crooked, and truthless way.

Amy has spent numerous thousands of pounds on Rory, and that is on condition that he continue to lick Amy’s ass and dance to his every tune.

Look how in Rory’s D.Min acknowledgments, he give them all a good lick – Amy, Brady, VG Sweeney etc


I would like to thank everyone who has helped me on my DMin Journey.
I thank my family; my parents, Patrick and Rosemary; my brothers, Garrett, Enda and Diarmuid;
my grandmother, Bernadette; my in-laws and nephews and niece.
I thank Archbishop Eamon Martin, Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All-Ireland for his
interest in my studies and his generousity in allowing me the opportunity to undertake my studies
on a full-time basis. I thank Cardinal Sean Brady, Archbishop Emeritus of Armagh for
recommending me to study at UWTSD.
I thank Canon Eugene Sweeney, Fr Michael Murtagh, Rev Dr Shane Crombie, Fr Michael
McCullough CM for their help. I also thank my brother priests of the Archdiocese of Armagh as
well as the staff of UWTSD.
I thank my supervisory team; Rev Dr Robert Pope for his kindness and very helpful suggestions;
Rev Dr Michael Fass for his encouragement and guidance at every step of the DMin journey.
I thank Fr Pat Ryall, OSM and the members of the Servite Community, Fulham Rd., Chelsea for
their hospitality, prayers and friendsh


Rory is upset and afraid that his new appointment in Tullyallen has been discovered and threatened by the young man he first spoke to on Grindr.

On Monday evening, that young man wrote a long email to Eamon Martin and copied it to me and some journalists.

That email contains a lot of previously unseen photographs and photo shots.

The young man says:

I have also tried to attach a video which shows Father Rory Coyle take part in the latest gay pride March in London with a gay rugby team. Not to mention the hashtags #gay #gayboy #gayculture – is included. He posted this himself. No fear

He actively wears a diocesan youth T-shirt in some of the pictures. What is going on?

Now I hear you ask what is wrong with this? Nothing? But is it ok for a priest who celebrates mass, to live a double life? Pretend all is ok? Have a major scandal fall upon the church in Ireland and the Archdiocese of Armagh in 2016 but continue to live a double life? Let’s not forget he posted pictures of himself naked on a gay dating website (Grindr). A priest remember…!!

Is it ok for Father Rory Coyle to have a gay sexual partner and celebrate mass? I don’t think that stands central to what the Catholic Church believe?

Here we have a priest actively living a double life. His leader and Archbishop Eamon Martin is cc’d into this email. As well as those that broke the story in 2016.

However, I think it’s important to highlight what is going on. This is a tip of the iceberg of what is yet to come”.


Rory, you have to shit or get off the pot.

You have to man up, grow a pair,and openly and publicly address your PAST, your PRESENT, and your FUTURE.

As a priest, you were a public person.

Furthermore, you were more public because you were the Master of Ceremonies to the RC Primate of All Ireland.

Furthermore, you were the County Secretary of Armagh – one of the prominent GAA teams on the island of Ireland.

You were at GAA meetings, matches, changing rooms, Croke Park etc

You need to make a public statement that deals with how you feel about your what you did and apologise to anyone you hurt.

You need to tell people honestly what you want to do with your life.

You can not pretend to be a celibate priest and be involved in gay apps, gay meets, and intensive gay activity on the internet.

If you want and need the gay lifestyle, kiss Amy goodbye and go out there and earn a living.

If you want to be a priest be an independent priest.

Otherwise, you will stumble from scandal to scandal for the next 40 years