1. “Listening to it all, something finally dawned on me. It has taken me the whole of my adult life to recognise it, and that makes me even slower than I thought I was. But I see it now: Why do we still allow these religious orders to exist? They are nothing more than vehicles for corruption and abuse, and they need to be shut down”.

2. “They should not be allowed to incorporate themselves as companies or as charities. They should not be allowed to be heard in the courts. They should never be allowed to present to the Houses of the Oireachtas or to lobby the government. They should under no circumstances be allowed to collect money from the public“.

3. “They should not be allowed to own property in the name of the order, nor to buy and sell property. They should never, under any circumstances, be allowed to run any entity — school, hospital, or any other institution — that is funded in whole or in part by the State“.

4. If there was any real honour or meaning to the PR apologies of the religious orders, they’d be winding up their affairs and handing their assets over to the State. Until they do that, their apologies are all spin and bluster.


This is one of the finest and most honest articles written by an Irish journalist / activist about the RCC and its evil existence and activities.

The RCC is part of an “axis of evil”. It is a rogue statelet. It has proven itself to be an enemy of the people and children of Ireland.

Finlay is correct:

1. The Irish RCC, its bishops and dioceses and its religious orders are vehicles of corruption and abuse.

2. They should not be allowed incorporate themselves as companies or charities.

3. They should not be allowed to be heard in the courts – except as defendents.

4. They should not be accepted as people entitled to make presentations to governments or lobby governments.

5. They should not be allowed to publicly fundraise.

6. They should not be allowed to run schools, hospitals or other institutions that are funded by the State.

And Finlay is right in concluding that if they had any honour they should wind up their operations and give the money to the state.

The 26 counties has rid itself if their British Colonists.

Now it should rid itself of its Roman Colonists – who have done more harm to Ireland than any other power that has attacked it in history.



Fergus Finlay (born 1 June 1950) was the Chief Executive of the charity Barnardos in Ireland until 3 October 2018. He was a senior member of the Irish Labour Party and is also a weekly columnist with the Irish Examiner and the author of a number of books.

Having worked in government press secretarial roles in the 1980s, Finlay served as an adviser to Dick Spring from 1983 to 1997. During this time he was involved in campaigns that led to the election of Mary Robinson as president, a large increase in the number of Labour TDs in 1992 and the dropping of the constitutional ban on divorce in 1996.

He resigned from Labour in 1997, becoming a director of Wilson Hartnell Public Relations, heading the company’s public affairs unit. In 1997 he also started presenting the Network 2 show Later On 2 with Frank Dunlop former Press Secretary of Fianna Fáil. In April 2010 the Sunday Business Post said he is “one of the great backroom operators of Irish political history, a strategist, tactician, and media briefer par excellence.”

Finlay is also credited with helping to organise the visit of the Special Olympics to Ireland.

In 2009, Finlay was listed in 59th place on a list of “most influential people” in Irish society put together for Village magazine.

On 9 September 2010, Finlay announced that he would seek the Labour Party nomination to contest the 2011 Irish presidential election to elect the successor to Mary McAleese as President of Ireland. Michael D. Higgins eventually won that nomination. Finlay congratulated Higgins on his victory, saying he was “looking forward” to Higgins’ Presidency. 

Finlay was awarded an honorary degree by NUI Galway in 2019.



The time is long past when the Irish State and the RCC be totally disconnected.

Because of the damage the RCC did in Ireland for decades the Irish Government should withdraw its ambassador to the Vatican and not accept a new papal nuncio in Ireland.

Ireland should deal with the Vatican, if at all, through the Irish ambassador to Italy.

The Vatican, through its world wide abuse and corruption, has proven that it is a ROGUE STATELET.

Modern democracies, such as Ireland, should not have relationships with rogue states.

There was a time when Ireland banned the IRA.

In the last “Troubles” the IRA were responsible for some 1700 deaths and injured some thousands of others.

But how many people has the RCC killed, injured and abused, even in the last 1,000 years?

There were circa 800 babies in Tuam alone.



Bishops and priests abused 216,000 minors between 1950 and 2020


4,444 abuses reported to dioceses.


1,670 bishops and priests abused 3,677 victims.


11,000 victims made complaints.


15,000 complaints between 1970 and 1990.

That’s nearly A QUARTER OF A MILLION victims from just 5 countries.

The Irish RCC should be regarded as a criminal organisation by the Irish State.

No officer of state should formally attend any RCC events.

The Irist State should introduce new legislation holding the RCC solely responsible for all abuse in its institutions.

They should also introduce new legislation allowing the state to seize all RCC assets to pay the abuse bills.



New allegations of child sexual abuse by priests at Blackrock College have emerged in recent days, prompted by a radio documentary that told in detail of two brothers who were sexually abused by priests at the school in the 1970s, unbeknown to each other.

At least 233 men have made allegations of abuse against 77 Irish priests from the Spiritans, some of whom were serial abusers left with unchecked access to children in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. The following are four of the priests against whom allegations were made:


All of this abuse was disgusting and cries to Heaven for punishment.

And the horror of abuse was compounded by the horror of all the cover up that went with it.

The state and the tax payer should not have to pay one cent of the compensation.

The religious orders should pay ALL the compensation.


German bishop: Homosexual ‘attraction’ and ‘lovemaking’ not an ‘aberration

Deutsche Welle, published November 8.  

— A German bishop has declared that sexual diversity is “willed by God and does not violate the Creator’s will,” and that “homosexual lovemaking” is not an aberration but a “variant of human sexuality.” 

Helmut Dieser, the bishop of the diocese of Aachen and the head of the Forum for Sexuality and Partnership for the Synodal Way, is known for his heterodox views on sexuality. He made his latest scandalous comments in an interview with the German news outlet Deutsche Welle, published November 8.  

The German prelate said that the “current state of Church teaching does not do justice to certain realities in the area of human sexuality.” Dieser called the Church’s teaching on sexuality “too simplified.” 

“This applies, for example, to the question of homosexuality,” Dieser continued. “We cannot give homosexual people the answer that their feelings are unnatural and that they must therefore live celibate lives. As a Church, we have to answer these questions in a new way.” 

The German prelate claimed that “the science” would show that homosexuality is “not a mishap, not a disease, not an expression of a deficit, nor, by the way, a consequence of original sin.” 

“The world is colorful and creation is diverse,” Dieser stated. “And then I may also accept a diversity in the area of sexuality that is willed by God and does not violate the Creator’s will.” 

This is not the first time that Dieser expressed his view that homosexuality is “willed by God.” He made the same assertion in an interview in September, in which he also claimed that contraception “strengths the protection of life.” 


Bishop Dieser has very eloquently expressed the non traditional view that homosexual attraction and love making is not an abberation.

In other words homosexual attraction and LOVE MAKING is absolutely moral and non sinful in the eyes of God.

Bishop Dieser expresses my thoughts exactly.

And it’s very important to remember that Bishop Dieser never used the word SEX.

He spoke about ATTRACTION and LOVE MAKING.

That’s a major mistake that the RCC and many Catholics make

They reduce everything to sex and sexual acts.


Real homosexual relationships, like real heterosexual relationships, are about a lot more than sex.


“God is love”.



Salomão Barbosa Ferraz (18 February 1880 – 11 May 1969) was a Brazilian Roman Catholic priest and Bishop whose career took him through membership of several Christian denominations from the Presbyterian Church to the Roman Catholic Church.


Ferraz was born in JaúBrazil on February 18, 1880. Originally a Presbyterian Minister, Barbosa Ferraz was ordained an Anglican Priest in 1917. He founded an ecumenical society, the “Order of Saint Andrew”, in 1928, and was instrumental in organising a ‘Free Catholic Congress’ in 1936. At the close of this event he established a “Free Catholic Church” and was elected as the church’s first Bishop. The Second World War halted his plans to be consecrated Bishop by European Old Catholics, but Salomão Barbosa Ferraz was eventually consecrated Bishop by Carlos Duarte Costa following this Bishop’s excommunication by the Vatican in 1945. Barbosa Ferraz was also a member of Freemasonry

Salomão Barbosa Ferraz in turn consecrated Manoel Ceia Laranjeira for the Free Catholic Church of Brazil in 1951, but sought reception into the Roman Catholic Church, which he achieved under Pope John XXIII, leaving Manoel Ceia Laranjeira at the head of the Free Catholic Church, then renamed the Independent Catholic Apostolic Church in Brazil.

In 1959, Ferraz was received into the Roman Catholic Church. His reception met with some resistance and confusion in Rome, where it had been assumed that he was widowed or chaste. He was eventually named Titular Bishop of Eleutherna in 1963 and took part in the Second Vatican Council. Bishop Ferraz died in 1969, leaving a wife and seven children.

Ferraz was a rare example of a legally accepted married bishop in the modern Roman Catholic history.


Truth is stranger than fiction.

Here was a Vatican II bishop who was both a husband and the father of seven children.

He may not have been the only one.

I’m sure there have been many secret ordinations and consecrations down the ages.


In the 40s and 50s, in Czechoslovakia married men were ordained bishops and women ordained priests to keep them hidden from the communist regime who had placed the Ordinary bishops and priests in prison.

Interest in Davídek greatly increased when it was disclosed after his death that, by the account of Ludmila Javorová and others, he had administered the sacrament of holy orders to Javorová and about four other women. Bishop Blaha declared any such ordinations would have been invalid. Pope John Paul II, in his 1994 apostolic letter Ordinatio sacerdotalis, wrote that “In order that all doubt may be removed regarding a matter of great importance … I declare that the Church has no authority whatsoever to confer priestly ordination on women and that this judgment is to be definitively held by all the Church’s faithful.”

Other priestly ordinations, even of men, during the period of persecution were possibly invalid, illicit, or irregular, according to church teaching.

The irregular situation of priests in the Czech Republic in active ministry, but the validity of whose ordination was in doubt, was largely resolved by 2000 through discussions with the Vatican. In February 2000, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith issued a declaration on the subject, announcing (a) that with regard to celibate priests, a great part (some 50 in all) had accepted the decision of the Pope that they should be conditionally re-ordained, and (b) that a further 22 priests who were married should also be conditionally re-ordained and transferred to the Byzantine-Slav rite as members, for all purposes, of the exarchate of the Czech Republic. There remained the status of some of the bishops and priests secretly ordained who had not accepted the norms (for conditional re-ordination) approved by the Pope, specifically because they were convinced they had already been validly ordained. While the Vatican confirmed that “conditional re-ordination” did not exclude the possibility that the men had previously been validly ordained, it held to the view that the doubts over validity were genuine:



Former Vatican financial auditor Libero Milone filed charges on Nov. 4 against the Vatican Secretariat of State, demanding the Catholic Church pay for damages to his reputation that he alleges followed his unceremonious firing in 2017.

At a meeting on Nov. 8 arranged by his lawyer, Milone told reporters that Cardinal Angelo Becciu, once the third-highest-ranking official at the Vatican, was “the mastermind of the so-called operation eject-Milone.”

Milone was hired in 2015 by Pope Francis to look into the notoriously convoluted and troubled finances of Vatican departments as part of continuing financial reforms begun by Pope Benedict XVI. Only two years later, the Vatican announced that Milone had resigned in the face of accusations of embezzlement and of spying.

As Milone was ushered out, Becciu told reporters that the auditor “went against all rules and was spying on the private lives of his superiors and staff, myself included.” Milone shot back, calling the cardinal “a liar.” 

According to Milone, Vatican prosecutors have now relaunched an investigation into his tenure as auditor, along with his deputy. Milone has been called for questioning at the Vatican on Nov. 7.

The Vatican did not respond to repeated requests for comment.

On Nov. 8, the former auditor framed his firing as a battle between “the Middle Ages and modernity” and called out “the small mafia at the Vatican” that was offended by his findings of lapses in the Catholic institution’s finances, including “many cases of rule violations, improper predisposition of accounting records, incorrect registrations.”

Milone said he is ready to share proof of the financial mismanagement he said he witnessed at Vatican-owned hospitals and in the church bureaucracy. He and his deputy, Ferruccio Panicco, are asking the Secretariat to pay nearly 10 million euros for reputational and mental damages.



Cardinal Raymond Burke has questioned the basis of papal-led efforts to restrict and eventually eliminate the traditional Latin Mass, while Bishop Athanasius Schneider has said the “millennium-old treasure” cannot be destroyed, as it is the work of the Holy Spirit.

The cardinal and bishop kindly shared their comments as part of a talk I gave the Latin Mass Society in London on Oct. 21.

As concerns deepen over this pontificate’s new restrictions regarding the traditional liturgy, Cardinal Burke said that “to the degree that reason and sound theology prevail, the safeguarding and promotion of the Usus Antiquior [the ancient liturgy in use before the reforms of 1970] will continue.”

The prefect emeritus of the Apostolic Signatura said this is “despite the difficulties and even the persecution” inspired by Traditionis Custodes (Guardians of the Tradition), Pope Francis’ 2021 apostolic letter issued motu proprio (decree) restricting the ancient liturgy, and the Responsa ad Dubiathe guidelines on implementing the decree issued five months later.

But Cardinal Burke stressed that as a “motu proprio,” Traditionis Custodes lacks sufficient force because it has authority only to the degree that it is founded on just grounds. He added that the grounds for the decree, and the letter Pope Francis wrote to bishops which accompanied it, “are not true and just” when taken together, and he gave his reasons.


I have no objection per se with the Latin Mass.

But my problem is the Latin Mass is being used by fringes of the Church to question the legitimacy of Vatican II and the papacy of Francis.

Many of the LMB – Latin Mass Brigade – are people lost in medieval thinking with regard the world and human sexuality in particular.

And yet the vast majority of the LMB are “screaming queens” and liturgical “cross dressers”.

For them the priesthood is all about lace and dressing up.

They have no true pastoral agenda.

They are sacristy and sanctuary actors.

A pastor without a practical ministry and a vibrant congregation is like a bicycle with no wheels.

It looks good but is going nowhere.

Francis is right. Pastors should have the smell of the sheep about them – not the smell of incense.

The incense queen’s worry me!



Story Notes

From the ages of 12 to 17, siblings Mark and David Ryan were repeatedly sexually abused both in and on the grounds of Blackrock College in South County Dublin. Their abusers were from the community of the Holy Ghost Order, now known as the Spiritans and who run Blackrock College in cooperation with lay personnel.

During the 1970s and early 1980s David and Mark were repeatedly abused at various locations on the grounds of Blackrock College, including in the college library, swimming pools, and other buildings.

For many years neither Mark or David spoke of their abuse, until early 2002 when clerical child sex abuse filled the news headlines. This led the brothers to reveal their abuse, first to their parents, and then to one another. They made statements to An Garda Síochána which led to multiple charges being brought against their abuser. Several court cases ensued as David and Mark fought for justice.

Mark, David and their friend Maura Harmon are the first people to openly speak about child sex abuse at Blackrock College.

The number of children who were sexually abused on the grounds of Blackrock College is unknown.

Responding to questions arising out of this documentary Fr Martin Kelly, the current Provincial of the Spiritans, stated:

  • Spiritan records now indicate that 233 people have made allegations of abuse against 77 Irish Spiritans in ministries throughout Ireland and overseas.
  • In relation to Blackrock College, 57 people have alleged they were abused on the Blackrock campus.
  • The Spiritans have made multiple monetary contributions to people who have alleged abuse at the hands of Spiritan community members – and since 2004 the total amount paid by the Spiritans, in settlement of claims of abuse, and towards support services, amounts to over €5 million.
  • The Spiritans have made settlements with 12 individuals relating to abuse at Blackrock.
  • All settlements have been funded from Spiritan congregation resources.
  • It has been the practice of the Spiritan Congregation to cover legal fees incurred by its members in connection with their legal representation in criminal cases. This practice arose in circumstances where members did not have the personal money to do so.


Eleven bishops or former bishops have been “implicated” before civil justice or the justice of the Church after reports, announced Monday Eric de Moulins-Beaufort, president of the Conference of Bishops (CEF), during a press point, in Lourdes.

“Today there are six cases of bishops who have been implicated before the justice of our country or before the canonical justice”, declared Eric de Moulins-Beaufort.

“Two others, who are no longer in office, are the subject of investigations today by the justice of our country after reports made by a bishop and a canonical procedure; a third is the subject of a report to the prosecutor to which no response has been given to date and has received restrictive measures from his ministry from the Holy See”, he further underlined, a little more one year after the publication of the Sauvé report .

The ex-bishop of Bordeaux admitted facts

He indicated that Cardinal Jean-Pierre Ricard, former bishop of Bordeaux, was also concerned. The latter recognized “reprehensible” conduct on a 14-year-old minor, thirty-five years ago, added the president of the CEF, reading a message from the former bishop.

Finally, there is Monsignor Michel Santier, sanctioned in 2021 by the Vatican authorities for “spiritual abuse having led to voyeurism on two adult men” in the 1990s, and whose silence around his sanction has provoked, in recent weeks , strong anger among Catholics and victim groups.

Without going into details, Eric de Moulins-Beaufort insisted “on the great diversity of situations, facts committed or alleged”.

The 120 members of the Conference of Bishops of France (CEF) have been meeting since Thursday in Lourdes for their autumn plenary assembly. Their objective is to work on “concrete proposals” in order to improve communication and transparency in the canonical measures (of Church law) taken against clerics implicated in cases of sexual violence.


The news out of France is shocking in the extreme.

To have a cardinal and 10 other bishops accused of abuse and admit abuse is horrific.

Cardinal Ricard needs to be immediately removed from the college of cardinals.

He is still young enough to take part in the election of a pope.

The abuse crisis gets worse by the day.

The RCC is evil and doomed.

Anyone supporting the RCC, in any way is supporting evil!



Dear Rory,

I know that you will have found the Blogs of yesterday and today difficult.

However, I suggest that you receive them as a challenge to get off the fence and move on with your life.

You have two options now:


You can go back to Eamon Martin and to a parish. It might be a bit embarrassing initially – but most people are kind and understanding of human weakness.

Your “shame” will fade into the background and if you are good and kind to people many will let you put it behind you.

But the same Rory that messed up in Armagh will still be inside you.

You will have to re-embrace life long celibacy and chastity.

And nature has already shown you that you are not able for that hard and really “uneccesary” road.

Attempting to live a life you were unsuited was your downfall.

And it may very well be the same again.



I think that Providence and Nature has spoken to you.

You do not have to be a priest to serve God and others.

In fact, the more you are yourself, the more God can use you and the more good you can do for others.

You cannot give what you do not have. To truly give peace to others you must be at peace within yourself.

And let’s remember there have always been good celibate priests and chaste nuns who have done great good.

But they had the gift / charism for celibacy and chastity.

It’s been a great mistake for the Church to impose celibacy on ALL priests.

Not everyone called to priesthood is called to celibacy. The majority of priests are not called to celibacy.

I don’t think you had a vocation to celibacy.

And, if you still want to be a priest – and a therapistwhy not join an Anglican diocese – or become an independent priest?

Independent ministry has been wonderful for me for 36 years now.


Get off the fence.

Stop doing the double.

Embrace life and love and maybe find your soul mate.

And if you are going to continue in therapy, don’t hide your years in seminary and priesthood.

List it as part of your CV.

It will put some off.

It will attract others.

You cannot and should not hide 20 years of life and experience.

Rory, stop being an unhappy caterpillar and become God’s 🦋 butterfly.

And if your wings are pink – so what. Embrace them.