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Three more former altar boys have claimed they were sexually abused by two priests in the Vatican, as the child abuse scandal that has rocked the Catholic church zeroed in for a second time on its headquarters.

The allegations of abuse in the Vatican’s youth seminary, to be set out in an Italian TV show on Sunday, date back to the 1980s and 1990s when the boys were aged between 10 and 14.

The accusations come two months after the Vatican said it would seek to indict Fr Gabriele Martinelli (28) for allegedly abusing several altar boys in 2012 when he trained at the St Pius X youth seminary. That move was prompted by the Italian show Le Iene’s first investigation into the school in 2017.

The Vatican said in September that an indictment was also being sought against a former rector at the youth seminary, Fr Enrico Radice, who was accused of aiding and abetting the alleged crimes.

The Catholic church has faced thousands of child sexual abuse allegations from around the world but Le Iene’s investigation in 2017 was the first time claims of paedophilia within the Vatican’s walls were exposed.

“We decided to keep digging as we had the feeling that the previous cases were not isolated,” said Gaetano Pecoraro, one of the two authors of the investigation. “There were more victims and more priests involved in sexual abuse within the Vatican.”

In the latest investigation, three former altar boys who served at papal masses claimed they were sexual abused by two priests, one a teacher.

In the programme, seen by the Guardian, one of the victims alleges that one of the priests, who was managing the school’s communal showers, tried to remove his bathrobe. “He wanted to undress me,” the victim alleges. “I tried to wriggle away. I was 13 years old. I fell to the ground and asked him ‘what are you doing?’. I then got up and ran away.”

All three boarded at the youth seminary. The second victim alleges he was abused at the Casa Santa Marta, where many priests stay, by a priest at the youth seminary when he was 10 or 11 years old. “He asked me to go upstairs to his room, made me sit on his legs, began to stroke my thigh and then put a hand on my private parts,” he told Le Iene. The priest allegedly persisted with the abuse and after the boy refused the advances he stopped.

The victims, now aged between 37 and 40, came together a few years ago to share their stories. The third victim made similar allegations but chose not to go into detail for the programme. The three claimed that a fourth former altar boy suffered worse sexual abuse than they did, but when he was contacted by Le Iene he refused to talk.

The allegations were corroborated by several people who claimed to have witnessed some of the abuse.

Le Iene managed to trace one of the accused priests. The man, whose face is blurred in the programme, appears to be frightened by the journalists’ visit. After he hears the accusations made against him in the audio interviews, he responds: “No, it’s not possible. I can’t remember ? I’m not saying they’re lying, I’m saying they have misunderstood.”

The Vatican said in a statement that if new elements emerged during the judicial proceedings it had begun in the Martinelli case “involving further offences by the accused or by others, the judicial authorities of the state of the Vatican City will proceed with the opening of a new file of documents and, following preliminary investigation, with a new request for a trial.”


It’s still happening.

And at the very centre.


More of the same. What we have come to expect. There will be much more to come out of the woodwork. The question is, where do we go from here ? Yes, I get that we have to accept and recognise what has happened, and to bring to justice those who have sinned so grievously and harmed the most innocent, and also to recognise the harm and pain done to the innocent and provide for their healing. But, beyond that ? I don’t hear any real thought out plan about what we need to do to make sure our Church does not become a foster parent of such egregious sinfulness again in the future. I think many of us have identified a certain clerical culture which was allowed to dominate the Church and gave impunity and immunity to abusers and wrongdoers who were part of the clerical hierarchy, but what practical steps have been put in place ? I give one simple example where this is not being done. In my local seminary, single celibate young men are still being imbued with a sense of their specialness, their set apart-ness, their sacramental, ontological difference. Why ? All this is doing is giving them a frame of mind that helps them to think that they can do what they want, when they want, and justify it and minimise it, because they are not accountable. The whole seminary formation backs up this clerical mindset. Never mind the other tosh they are taught in the classic Thomisitc education that they are subjected to. Add on the fact that they are brought up in a Neo-Gothic building, isolated for the most part from the rest of the world, especially women, and thrown upon each other in some sort of homo-erotic atmosphere, where they learn eloquence in leading double lives that they will carry on for the rest of their ministry. It’s a recipe for disaster and repeat of what has already happened, and notwithstanding that we know in great part what lead to past and present disasters, we are still forming our priests in this way. Madness !

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Very true @10:59. I have just seen the film By the Grace of God directed by François Ozon concerning the Bernard Preynat case in Lyon. Much familiar territory especially concerning the Archbishop and his predecessor. However, a couple of things made me think. Firstly the collusion of the Church psychologist, a chilly laywoman, in shoring up the clerical system, of which she too was a part, being cosily on first name terms with the clergy. Secondly the usual red herring adopted by the Church in conflating the priest’s crimes with homosexuality. Laughably one of the Monsignori told the original complainant that this was something the Church was only just starting to think about! Rightly baffled the complainant pointed out twice during the film that sexual orientation was not the issue. Ratzinger too, among others, has tried this trick, blaming sixties counter-culture for the abuse crisis. It all goes to show that the Church has not even STARTED to come to terms with this evil because too many are still in denial or have an eye on their own careers. That too is also true for the many useful idiots among the laity.

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Joseph, i’m not sure I’d want to pay for something in French with subtitles. no English version?


Those ‘few bad apples’ are certainly giving a lot of trouble!
Each one of the regular revelations of abuse brings fresh use of any excuse going and the same old techniques of deflection.
The institution is rotten to the core.


What more does it take for Catholics to realise that this institution is filthy and rotten from its very epicentre and spreads to all its branches. This church is not if Christ. It is a despicable abomination run by gangsters, abusers and all sorts of evil twisted and self seeking individuals. Stop giving these runts money. I despair for those who hold onto their belief in this crowd.


You haven’t made much of a contribution to getting us beyond where we are now and towards ending, or even reducing the sexual abuse of children.

And your judgement on the church could just as legitimately be levelled against the human race.

We could all walk away from the church but we can’t move away from humanity.

Perhaps you could arrive at some explanation for the human race’s abuse of children and then provide some direction for humanity to move in.

That would add something to an otherwise predictable and useless rant.


What has changed the situation is the decent humanity outside the church legally forcing the church to take action. Of course the influence of the secular world is one of the excuses the church has used for its attitude, but of course, like your comment, that is bollocks.
The only way in which the secular world has so far failed is in not outlawing the RC church, but of course that would tend to increase adherents as banning things always does.


Such denial. ‘It’ s not the Church, it’s humans’. Could your response possibly be caused by the the OP’s call not to give money?
What else would you live on, ‘Father’?



Predictable and useless rant at 12.21? Telling people to stop feeding the indolence, perversion and evil of the institutional Church? I should have thought the suggestion the only and obvious solution. And if it is predictable by now it is precisely because it is the only and obvious solution.

And what on earth has parsing humanity about the sexual abuse of children to do with the particular and peculiar problematic circumstance that is the institutional Church. Of course, the answer is ‘nothing at all’, but you prefer to deflect attention dont you, priest?

No one is taking the bait.

Do try again, priest, but this time put a little forethought into your self-deliberation.


So here is a genuine question; and I do not mean to take the p1ss or to condone child abuse.

According to the law of the State known as The Vatican City, does anybody know the legal age of consent?

And before anybody accuses me of anything I know that what happened took place without consent. I am simply trying to see if the Church regards this as a sexual assault or child abuse. Or just a minor blip in a man’s chastiy without regard for his victim.


“Or just a minor blip in a man’s chastiy without regard for his victim.”
Your above quoted last sentence is an oxymoron 1:17pm. And is also indicative of the lax attitude manifested by weak/cowardly/corrupt/compromised bishops and clerical superiors who have allowed perverts, who never had a genuine priestly vocation in the first place, to wreak havoc on innocent victims.


Pat. If I can just for a second go back to yesterday and the subject of Seamus Mallon’s Funeral. I noticed one photo where the ‘Wounded Healer’ was at the graveside with the microphone in hand. As Fr Brian D’Arcy was not in attendance was Cardinal Brady by any chance leading the assembled mourners in a hearty rendition of the Big Tom number ‘ You’re going out the same way you came in’
Just askin’ like!


1.56: What a most idiotic and nonsensical an observation! Are you a thick plonker? Newry Niall, is your level of intelligence arrested at the babybstage? …Looks as if it may be with so innocuous and supercilious a comment.


Sitting on my big chair here quite content and now amused by 4:39’s remarks and attempted put down of Newry Niall.
Just shows how different people see things differently. I found NN comment about Brady amusing. In fact the good cardinal and the rest of us would do well to listen to or read the words of that song and apply them to our lives. 4:39 if you took the words to heart you would realise that the message is far greater than any sermon You will hear at any funeral. In fact having the message of this song deeply ingrained in my thinking allied to living my life by the Golden Rule has served me well and I would like to think protected me from much of the jealousy, wealth snobbery and hypocrisy so prevalent in the catholic community I live among in North Antrim.
In fact ,sir or madam, by your rush to criticise you have manifestly displayed that the only “thick plonker” is actually you.
That said I wish you a pleasant evening.



Your pompous histrionic wont work. We aren’t interested in you.

Was that poisoned chalice, Bumbling Brady, present or not. You avoided the other’s question.

Interesting that. 😆


Getting back to the news-report.
I says that there was a 13-year-old boy in a youth-seminary.
How so?
I thought junior seminaries had been abolished by Vatican II.
It’s still the same old story.
The RCC is finished unless it brings in its own set of independent monitoring and policing bodies.
And employing former senior police officers – similar to what the Jockey Club does, and all the big insurance companies etc..

“The master commended the dishonest manager because he had acted shrewdly. For the people of this world are more shrewd in dealing with their own kind than are the people of the light.” Luke 16:8


What we are witnessing is the destruction of The Temple, the institutional RCC. And for the third time in Judeo-Christian history.

The Romanists are resisting with all their might, so they will have to be crushed. And they will be crushed.🎉

It is amusing to read the desperate, rearguard defensive posts here by Romanist priests. 😅

One could almost feel sorry for these yesterday’s men. 😢


1:11. A useless rant? What, condemning an organisation that says it is of Christ but carries out countless acts against his teachings. Are you for real? Keep taking your medication. Always looking to lay the blame with others. Put it where it belongs. At the feet of the Catholic church. Honestly is there any hope for people like you? Are you so blind or deaf that you cannot see nor hear what this church is up to and if you are looking for humanity I suggest you look somewhere other than the RCC


5.34: Magna: ♿♿♿♿♿🎵🎵🎵📻📻🎃🎃🎃🐷🐷🐷🐷🐄🐄😚😚😚 oink, oink,…I love you dearie!


Dalriada Dickson. Good to see you back and as always spot on the money with your caustic eye !!!
Thanks for you ver valid comment.


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